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Lake Biwa

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Lake Biwa's tourism industry subsists on '''fishing''', '''boat rentals''' and a tame assortment of '''watersports''', including even '''scuba diving''' for those who want to plumb the depths of this rather murky lake.
A bicycle rental was 500 yen per day for a MamaChariot type bicycle (a single speed 26 inch bike with a highly adjustable and comfortable seat and a basket in front) from right next to the train station from Osaka. (121 yen per US dollar currently) Bicycling around the Lake Biwa area is great fun, with wide paved paths in many places, and approximately a 220 kilometer bike ride to go around the lake. Bicycle friendliness is evident everywhere and you should be able to find places to stay at various points around the lake if you bike tour. Witness four man or woman rowing teams in action on the Satagawa River during your tour. Ride a functioning sternwheeler, the "Michigan". Many parks, public restrooms and places to get water or drinks are near the southwestern part of the bike path. A volleyball court is on the beach northwest of of the southernmost bridge and many joggers also share the bike paths. Fishing from a boat or the shore, kayaking and sailing are popular here. A successful cicada hunt by a young boy with a butterfly net was witnessed, but giving off a loud buzzing sound, the cicada got away when the boy lifted his net. Kite flying during windy conditions could also be fun here, with no nearby wires to foul the kite line.

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