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Mecklenburg County (North Carolina)

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North Carolina is not divided into counties, so this one is overlap and should be merged
{{merge|Piedmont (North Carolina)}}'''Mecklenburg County''' is in the [[Piedmont (North Carolina)|Piedmont]] of [[North Carolina]], it's population stands a shade under 700900,000. The county seat, and largest city is [[Charlotte]].
It's not uncommon to hear the phrase "Char-Meck" when refering to the area.
Charlotte has many restaurants located in all parts of the city. Charlotte is very much a Carolina city, despite its outside influence, so try the barbeque. The specific kinds of restaurants you encounter will depend on what part of the county you're in. Central Charlotte is full of upscale bistros and pubs, whereas the areas around the interstates are full of fast-food and chain restaurants. If you're near a large body of water (Lake Norman or the Catawba River), expect to see more seafood restaurants. Also, older parts of the city (especially the historic inner suburbs) are full of "local flavor" restaurants which usually feature plenty of fried foods.
*'''Riverview Inn''', 10012 Moore's Chapel Loop, ''+1'' 704-399-3385. A bit off the beaten path, but more than worth the drive. Located right on the Catawba River, giving it a rare waterfront view in this area. 60 years strong, this has one of the best reputations of any restaurant in the area. The seafood buffet is extremely complete, and to die for... bring a big appetite.
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