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Best way to get in is by Bus from Belgrade or by Train. There are also other buses from other cities. The Uzice-Ponikve airport is under reparis and will soon have scheduled flights from Belgrade, 2007 or 2008
==Get around==
The Best way to get around is walking but if you want travel around the best way is a taxi.
The Best thing to do is catch from the Bus depot and head to old ruins of an old castle just out of town( stari grad). There is also Zlatibor mountains which has great Ski resorts which are very active during the winter season( December). Also drive about 1 hour and visit a small village called Mokra Gora which has a tourist train line. Also the St George Serbian Orthodox church in Uzice is a must.
[[Image:180px-StGeorgeinterior.jpg‎|thumb|St George Serbian orthodox church in Uzice]]
Walk around see the sights of Uzice, take a look at a massive crator near the centre of the city which was caused by NATO Bombing. Also take a day trip out and see the lovely mountains around Uzice.
The Best thing to eat is Burek, A pastry with meat and cheese, can be bought from vendors all over town.
==Get out==
The easiest way to get out is by bus or by train. There is a major bus terminal about 5 minute walk from the centre, buses will run to most major cities out of Uzice. There is also a major train station also very close to the city centre. The local airport Uzice-Ponikve airport is under repairs after heavy bombing and will begin to hav have scheduled flights from Belgrade: 2007-2008
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