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: ''See [[Khumbu]] for the Nepalese side of the mountain''.
'''Qomolangma National Nature Reserve''' ([[Tibetan phrasebook|Tibetan]]: ''Chomolungma'', [[Chinese phrasebook|Chinese]]: 珠穆朗玛 ''Zhūmùlǎngmǎ''珠穆朗玛峰国家级自然保护区) is in [[Tibet]], [[China]] and covers the Tibetan or Chinese side of [[Mount Everest]].
Everest is not in the same category as Kailash when it comes to being a sacred peak. For one thing, the monastery at Everest only dates from the 20th century while those at Kailash date to the 13th century. More importantly, Kailash has always been offlimits to climbers and Tibetans don't flock to Everest since you can't circumambulate around it. But no matter, Everest has always been sacred since the name in Tibetan, Chomolangma, means ''Queen on an Ox'' or more properly '''Mother Goddess of the World'''. Tibetans believe that Miyo Langsangma resides on Everest, her steed is an ox but she sometimes is shown astride a tiger, and is one of the five Tsering Sisters, goddesses who reside in different peaks among the Himalayas.
Everest Base Camp is unique in that you can drive there, unlike any other base camps used to attempt summit climbs. The rough road used was built in 1960 for Chinese mountaineering attempts.
The best season to visit is May to October, but the peak is often covered in clouds from July to August. Snow can be found on the Tingri Route areound around October.
==Get in==
There are two treking routes as well as an access road for Land Cruisers (which can be arranged in Lhasa or Shigatse).
* '''Peruche Route''' - [[Shelkar]] - Checkpoint on Friendship Hwy - 200m after 5145m 5145km Marker on Friendship Hwy - Chay Village - Pang La Pass - Peruche Village - Paksum village - Choesang Village - Rongbuk Monastery - Jomolangma (Everest) Base Camp (this route mainly follows the roadway to Base Camp from the Friendship Hwy)
* '''Tingri Route''' - [[Tingri]] - Lungjang Village - Lamma La Pass - Zommug Village - Rongbuk Monastery - Jomolangma (Everest) Base Camp (recommend a guide for this trek)
==Get around==
Those who enter the Preserve via landrover travel the road through Cray Village til you reach Pasum. For those continuing on to Everest Base Camp, you will need to transfer to passenger vans which travel the remainder of the way for a fee of Y80 p/p r/t. Theoretically this is to limit the number of vehicles at Base Camp due to parking problems but you will find various connected Chinese and group tour vehicles continuing on past this checkpoint.
Food is available at Benba Guesthouse in Tashidzom and the Snowman Hotel in Pasum. Drufung Binguan at Rongbuk has a second floor dining hall.
Staying at private houses is the most common practice. At Rongbuk Monastery, lodging is available but expect the bare minimumbring your own food. * <sleep name="Drufung Binguan" alt="The Pink Palace" address="" directions="" phone="(0892) 8584535" email="" fax="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" url=""></sleep>
Lodging in tents is available at Jomolangma (Everest) Base Camp. Picking a good tent can sometimes be an issue. There is no problem when there is no snowfall. Some tents are not maintained well and get leaks when the snow melts.
==Stay safe==
Be aware that the local Tibetans feel that what is yours is also mine, whether you are treking, dining or just leaving your stuff in a locked hotel room.
==Get out==

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