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==Specific dates==
*1st: All Saints' Day
*2nd: All Souls' Day
*11th: '''Armistice Day''' - observed solemnly in many countries, especially [[France]] and the [[United Kingdom]], in memory of the fallen of the First World War
*27th : '''Belgrade International Dog Show (CACIB)'''
*26th and 27th : '''Belgrade Cat Show'''
====United Kingdom====
*Sunday preceding the 11th: '''Remembrance Sunday'''
*30th: '''St Andrew's Day''', patron saint of [[Scotland]]
* [ Mani Rimdu] - a Buddhist festival at Tengboche Monastery, Khumbu ([[Everest]] region), [[Nepal]] that culminates in sacred mask dances. Held in October or November annually.
====South Africa====
*Late November: '''94.7 Cycle Challenge''', [] in [[Johannesburg]]
*'''The Golden Horse Film Festival''', [[Taipei]], [[Taiwan]].
*Taipei International Travel Fair, Taipei World Trade Centre, Taipei, Taiwan
* '''[[:WikiPedia:Loy_Krathong|Loi Krathong Festival]]''' ลอยกระทง, Thailand
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