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'''Dahshur''' (''Arabic'' دهشور ''Dahšūr'' [often incorrectly rendered in English as ''Dashur'']) is an archaeological locality some x km to the south of the Egyptian capital of [[Cairo]] in [[Egypt]]. It is best known as a more tranquil (if also more isolated) location in which to visit several large pyramids - at least, when compared to [[Giza]] and [[Saqqara]].


Dahshur formed part of the extensive necropolis of ancient [[Memphis]] during the Old Kingdom - the so-called "Pyramid Age".

The Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities has in recent years been encouraging travellers to visit Dashur, in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure on the Giza pyramids.

==Get in==

===By taxi===

Dahshur is probably best accessed by hired taxi from [[Cairo]], usually as an extension to a day trip to [[Saqqara]].


*the '''Bent Pyramid''' - very aptly named, on account of its sudden, startling change in angle halfway up the pyramid
*the '''Red Pyramid'''

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