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Ohio prehistoric sites

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[[Image:Ohio_Shrum_Conical_Adena_Indian_Mound.jpg|right|100px|Shrum Mound]]
*'''Adena Conical Burial Mound'''. AKA Campbell Mound State Memorial. 20 feet high - 100 feet in diameter. Close to 270 W and I 70 intersection in Columbus OH on Montgomery St. Woodlands Period about 1,000 BC - 700 AD.
*'''The Pyramids at Marietta''' [[]] at Marietta OH. Little definative information. Hopewell culture (100 BC–AD 500 [[Image:Ohio_-_Marietta_Earth_Works.jpg|right|80px|Marietta Eath Works]]
*'''Moundbuilders Earthworks''' [[]]This site covers most of Newark, Ohio. Two main areas have been preserved. One area is at the park where you will find an embankment that is 1,200 feet in diameter with earthen walls from 8 to 14 feet hign enclosing a 26 acre area. The other more impressive site (Octagon Earthworks) has a golf course located in it with some efforts of preservation, there is an observation stand.[[]] Hopewell Indians (100 BC-AD 500)[[Image:Ohio_-_Newark_Earth_Works_-_drawn_1860.jpg|right|80px|Newark OH]]

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