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Delaware (Ohio)

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Parking is easy in most parts of Delaware. Parking lots are never full and most streets have but one or two cars parked on them. However, there are some parts of Delaware where parking can be tricky.
Downtown street parking is metered and somewhat more difficult to come by, although there are always spots available if you're willing to walk. [[Image:Delaware_Ohio_shoe.jpg‎|thumb|Shoe Repair]]
Parking on the Ohio Wesleyan University campus is the trickiest of all parking tasks in Delaware. In fact, if you can get to Wesleyan by a method other than car, then that method is recommended. Bus service onto campus from downtown and other areas of Delaware runs very frequently during the day. If you have to park on campus during the day, you will need to get a visitor parking permit from the Department of Public Safety on campus, and then you can park in a spot labeled for visitor parking, which are very few and far between. The public safety officer can give you a map showing where visitor parking spots are, but during a school day, expect to hunt through all of them and not find anything.

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