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[[Image:P7180052.JPG|thumb|350px|Muiden]] '''Muiden''' is a pleasant town in the [[Netherlands]] of approximately 4000 people, on the shores of the IJmeer, at the mouth of the Vecht river. The town is known for its yacht harbor and for its historic castle, '''the Muiderslot'''. Its proximity to Amsterdam - it is just 12 km east of the city centre - makes it a good day trip for anyone looking to get out of the city.
==Get in==
It takes about an hour to cycle from central Amsterdam to Muiden.
You can also take the train to Weesp, rent a bike at that railway station, and cycle to Muiden (2 km).
===By train and bus===
The fastest way to reach Muiden from Amsterdam is to take the train to [[Weesp]] station, and then bus 110. The bus stop is in front of the station, service every half hour, hourly after 20.3010:30PM, hourly on Sundays. The ride to Muiden takes just 5 minutes.
Connexxion bus 101, from Amsterdam's Amstel Station to Blaricum, also stops on the outskirts of Muiden. Service every half hour.
[[Image:P7180020.JPG|thumb|150px|Muizenfort part of the Defence line of Amsterdam]]
There are essentially four things to see in Muiden: the historic river quayside, the yachts moored there, the forts of the [ Stelling van Amsterdam] and above all the '''Muiderslot'''.
*'''Muiderslot''' is a 13th-century castle on the banks of the river. You can visit independently most parts of the castle and the surrounding gardens. The very nicely furnished living quarters on guided tours only. The tours are in Dutch but will be given in English if requested, there is a handout with an English translation as well; inquire in advance [].
*'''Muizenfort''' is part of the ''Stelling van Amsterdam'' a series of fortifications ringing Amsterdam, which used water to protect from invasion. This unique system has been included on the [[UNESCO World Heritage List]]. There are 45 forts in total 3 of which are in, or accessible from Muiden. Muizenfort is located just south of the main lock.
*'''West Battery''' is a smaller fort from the ''Stelling van Amsterdam''. It is located near the waterfront at the western end of town, there is a very small but nice sandy beach next to it.
*'''Pampus''' is an island off the coast that contains yet another fort from the ''Stelling van Amsterdam''. A ferry runs from Muiden to the island.
Ferry to Pampus : May-September 10:30AM, 12:30PM, 2:30PM returning at 1PM, 3PM, 5PM.
Weekdays in April and October ferries run at 1:30PM returning 3:30PM, weekends are the same as May-September.
There are no Services on Modays. Mored details on [ official website] (Dutch only).
Entrance including ferry trip is €12 or €8 for children.
There are essentially three things to see in Muiden==Do==[[Image: the historic river quayside, the yachts moored there, and above all the '''P7180055.JPG|thumb|150px|Muiderslot''', an originally 13th-century castle. Tours of ]]Visit the castle are usually in Dutch only. €7. ['Muiderslot'], a beautiful castle on the waterside.
==Do==Within easy reach of a bicycle day trip are the fortified towns of [[Weesp]] and [[Naarden]]. Practical information on cycling in the region on this [ linkpage]. Visit Boat trips are possible on the 'Muiderslot', a beautiful castle river Vecht and on the watersideGooimeer (former Zuiderzee). Also rental of all sizes of rowing/motorboats and sailing ships, with or without captain.
==Get out==
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