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Travelling alone

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Advantages to travelling alone:
- * You automatically get points for having balls, especially if you're a girl.
- * Your time and budget are your own! No staying in budget flophouses with cash-strapped friends when you love five-star hotels. No staying in five-star hotels with rich friends when you want to save all your money for beer!
- * It's easier to make friends with the locals. A person by herself is often less intimidating to approach. You didn't come all this way just to talk to the same people you see all the time back home, did you? Make new friends!
- * More space to make your trip entirely your own. Drink it all in. Reflect. Write in your journal. Solo travel can be great opportunity to (theatrical sigh) "find yourself".
Disadvantages to travelling alone:
- *You'll get lonely. For sure. But if you plan for it, you can deal with it.
- * There's nobody to watch your back. And there's no one to watch the luggage while you go buy train tickets. You have to carry all your gear yourself.
- * It's more expensive, as there is no one to share costs with. Rooms are usually about the same price for one than for two. You'll need to budget a little bit more.
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