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'''SandoyarSandoy''' is an island in the [[Faroe Islands]]. It is located south of Streymoy and north of Suðuroy, Skúvoy and the two small Dímun islands.
* [[Sandoy]]* Skúvoy
* Stóra Dímun
* Lítla Dímun
* Skúvoy
==CitiesVillages==* '''Sandur''' - the largest vilage on '''Sandoy''' and the port for the ferry to Skúvoy. There is a rough and in places narrow road from here to the uninhabited bay of Søltuvík.[[Image:Sandoy.jpg|thumb|South coast of Sandoy]] * '''Skopun''' - north of the island, the arrival port from Streymoy; a very pleasant little harbour.* '''Dalur''' - This is the southernmost village on the east coast of Sandoy. It is reached by a corniche road.* '''Húsavík'''* '''Skálavík'''
==Other destinations==
As Sandoy is approached from Streymoy, there are views of a tiny island to the west of Sandoy. This island, Trøllhøvdi belongs to Kirkjubøur and is used for stock grazing.
==Get in==
Take the ferry from Gamlarætt on Streymoy to Skopun. In order to get to Gamlarætt you can take a bus from Tórshavn to Gamlarætt ferry port. The trip with the ferry takes around half an hour.
==Get around==
There is an infrequent bus between Sandur and Skopun.
There is a local museum and an art museum in Sandur village. If you travel by car you can go to the small charming villages on the east coast: Húsavík, Skálavík and Dalur, or to the small village Skarvanes south of Sandur.
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