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'''Raton''' [http://www.ratonratonnm.infogov/] is a town in [[Northeast New Mexico | northeastern]] [[New Mexico]], [[United States of America]].
==Get in==
Raton is on Interstate 25, a main north-south artery in the [[Rocky Mountains (United States of America) | Rocky Mountain]] region, just south of Raton Pass. Access from the south is usually straightforward, but the pass can be rough going during winter storms, with the possibility of closures for short times.
Raton is a stop along Amtrak's daily '''Southwest Chief''' [ Southwest Cheif] daily route[] line. The depot is located at 201 South First Street[]. This stop has no ticket office and no Quik-Trak ticket machine so tickets must be purchased at another station or online. [ Raton Municipal Airport]
==Get around==
* Raton was a waypoint on the [[Santa Fe Trail]], and there are some historic sites in town. Check out the town museum at 216 S. First St., ''+1 505575'' 445-8979, not only for exhibits and artifacts at the museum itself, but also for guidance to other historic sites. [ Raton Downtown Historic District]
Raton is train gate way to the Philmont Scout Ranch [] and the city of Cimarron[].
Raton is also the gateway to the [[Sangre_de_Cristo_Mountains|Sangre de Cristo Mountains]]
Raton has fantastic antique shops along 1st and 2nd Streets in the downtown section of town.
* '''Pappa's Sweet Shop''', 1201 S. 2nd St., ''+1 505575'' 445-9811. M-Sa 11-2, 5-9; closed major holidays. Not just a candy store (although it is that, and a good one), but also quite a good source of standard American fare; the salads are excellent. Pleasant atmosphere in the dining room in back, which you don't see at first glance when you walk in; don't be fooled by your initial reactions.
* '''Best Western Sands''', 300 Clayton Road, ''+1 505575'' 445-2737. Rooms from $55, higher in summer. Convenient to I-25 (exit 451).* '''Comfort Inn''', 533 Clayton Road, ''+1 505575'' 445-4200. Another motorist-oriented franchise close to I-25.
==Get out==
* '''Sugarite State Park'''
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[[Wikipedia:Raton, New Mexico]]

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