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'''Strasbourg International Airport''' (SXB) [] is located south-west of the city at Entzheim, with domestic as well as international flights. Air France [] is the principle operator. There are several flights a day to and from Paris. A shuttle bus (€5.10 single, €9.50 round trip) takes travellers to Baggersee tram and bus station, which is on the A-line tram line to the town center. A tram-train line running directly from the airport to the town center is planned to open in 2008.
'''Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport''' (FKB) [] is located about 60km away in Germany. Ryanair [] operates from Karlsrühe Karlsruhe following a court ruling that declared its subsidy arrangements at Strasbourg Airport a contravention of European legislation. Bus and train connections are available to Strasbourg.
'''Frankfurt International Airport''' (FRA) [] is about three hours away from Strasbourg, and is one of the nearest inter-contintental continental airports to Strasbourg. Lufthansa [] operates a bus shuttle between Strasbourg and [[Frankfurt]], [[Germany]] (but an indirect connection by train can be cheaper if booked online [] in advance).
===By train===
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