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Beni Hasan

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'''Beni Hasan''' is a small village and an important archaeological locality in [[Middle Upper Egypt]], some 20 km south of the city of [[Minya]]. Located on the eastern bank of the river Nile, the small but interesting site consists of cliff-hewn tombs overlooking the river valley with truly magnificent views in both directions. Very close nearby is the small rock-cut temple known as '''Speos Artemidos''', also worth a visit.
The site of Beni Hasan is open daily 7am-5pm, admission LE£20LE£60.(Sept 2018)
The local guard will accompany visitors up the steps, cut into the relatively gentle slopes leading up to the cliffs, in order to unlock the tomb gates and operate the tomb lighting. Note that photography is reportedly no longer allowed inside the tombs.
[[de:Benī Ḥasan]]
[[pt:Beni Hasan]]
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