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::The only other question I would ask is where the Prescott, Cottonwood, Jerome, Sedona area would find within this structure? We talked a bit about Prescott being in western, but due to its proximity to these other cities, plus the way travelers would access this area (from I-17), I am not sure western would be the best spot for Prescott. So, would those cities go into Northern? Or should they, along with Payson, Pine, Camp Verde and (possibly) Wickenburg go into a North Central section...similar to the South Central structure? -- [[User:ArizonaTourism|ArizonaTourism]] 02:08, 21 April 2007 (EDT)
:::Point well taken. I had put [[Sedona]] into [[Northern Arizona]], largely on the grounds of its social affinity with [[Flagstaff]] as well as the red-rock scenery. This created a minor "blip" on the geographical description, as Sedona was the only thing in that region extending south of the I-40 corridor, but I think it's probably reasonable. It would also be reasonable to consider Prescott as "just over the line" in the west -- regions do have boundaries, after all, and ''something'' will fall near the boundary. However, it may be less so if one considers Cottonwood and Jerome to have more affinities with Sedona than with points west. There's room for discussion on this one.
:::I'd see Payson as definitely in the [[Mogollon Rim]] region, even though putting it there may be incorrect from a rigorously geological perspective. It still serves as the "gateway" to Rim country and has a lot in common with the other Rim communities. Ditto for Camp Verde, which would define the western edge of the region (see previous remark about boundaries). Haven't thought about the others yet. Finally, keep in mind that the South Central region really means [[Tucson]] and the stuff around it. There's no comparable focal point for a putative North Central region. -- [[User:Bill-on-the-Hill|Bill-on-the-Hill]] 13:16, 25 April 2007 (EDT)

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