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Wikitravel talk:Measurements

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Digits or Words?: Style guide suggestion for numbers
*It is easier to match symbols.
:-[[User:Huttite|Huttite]] 20:18, 3 Jan 2005 (EST)
:One thing that prompted me to make this an issue was [[User:|an anonymous user]] made [ edits] to [[Altiplano (Bolivia)]] that changed numbers into words. There are some arcane gramatical or style rules that suggest that numbers be written as words in text. One style guide I have suggests:
*''Use words, not figures at the beginning of a sentence and for numbers one to nine. Otherwise figures should be used for numbers greater than nine, and '''they must always be used before a symbol'''.''
:I take this to mean that measurements should always be expressed as numbers, since the measurement unit is able to be expressed as a symbol.

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