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The '''Inland ice''' is reachable within walking distance from Narsarsuaq. One follows the road to the burned down hospital and walks through the scenic Flower Valley (Danish: Blomsterdalen). An almost vertical 300m climb, gets you to the beatiful view of the Narsarsuaq Glacier, and it is even possible to get quite close (though you have to keep a very long safety distance!!!). Aside for the climb, it is an easy walk (approx. 10 km), and the climb is possible for people with at reasonable condition, as the steepest parts are supported by ropes, you can hold on to. Guided tours can be arranged with the tourist office [].
Hiking maps of the area makes longer trips possible, but beware that trails on the map are suggestive, meaning it may be possible to walk this route. Don't expect anything to be marked, nor that lakes and streams have the size indicated, as this varies throughout seasons. Beware the [[mosquito|mosquitos]], bring a net and lots of repellant.

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