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==Get in==
===By Carcar===
Practically the only method of getting in or out of Shawnee is on the highway. Taxi cabs can be hired by calling a taxi service to have them pick you up, although doing so from another city could prove expensive.
There are no rental is an Enterprise rent a car agencies in Shawnee or at and Shawnee Airport, so car rentals must be made before hand. Many times this is done at Will Rogers World Airport in [[Oklahoma City]].
Most traffic enters and exits Shawnee via '''Interstate Highway I-40''', although '''State Highway 3''' and '''US Highway 177''' pass through Shawnee as well.
===By Busbus===
'''Greyhound''' buses make daily stops in front of the American Colony motel on the far north side of Shawnee.
From there you will have to either call a taxi or arrange another form of pickup.
===By Traintrain===
Originally established as a railroad hub, Shawnee still has many infrequently used rail tracks. While logistically difficult as well as illegal, it could be feasible to stow aboard a freight car inbound to Shawnee. Not recommended.
===By Planeplane===Chartered flights can be aquired acquired to fly you in to Shawnee airport, most likely originating from [[Oklahoma City]] or [[Tulsa]]. There are no commercial flight charter services based in Shawnee, so arrangments arrangements for your eventual pickup would have to be made as well.
===On Foot===
* <see name="Heart of Oklahoma Shawnee Expo Center" alt="fairgrounds and outdoor arena" address="1700 W. Independence" directions="" phone="(405) 275-7020" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></see>
===Historical Places of Interest===
*'''Downtown Shawnee''' see section below
*'''Log Cabin'''- 19th century log cabin built by early settlers. Has been moved from original location. Partially demolished.
*'''Burial Plot of Brewster Higley''', 1500 North Center Avenue, (405) 878- 1529. The now deceased author of the western epic "Home on the Range" has his final resting place in Fairview Cemetary Cemetery located next to McDonalds on Harrison Street. 1500 North Center Avenue, (405) 878-1529 ===Downtown Shawnee=== Many old buildings from Shawnee's early years still remain, although most have changed facade and/or fallen into disrepair.  [ Shawnee Downtown Renewal Website]
*'''Downtown Shawnee''' Many old buildings from Shawnee's early years still remain, although most have changed facade and/or fallen into disrepair. Shawnee Downtown Renewal []
====Notable Downtown Shawnee Buildings:====
*'''Aldrige Hotel'''- Once renowned hotel tower that has been internally restored by federal funding as housing for the indigent elderly. , 20 East 9th Street, (405) 275-9500 (Apartments), (405) 273-3030 (Barber Shop). Once renowned hotel tower that has been internally restored by federal funding as housing for the indigent elderly.*'''Round House [ Round House] Building'''- Three story manufacturing site of Round House bib overalls for over 80 years. (Business moved outside city limits in 1995 when city code enforcement precluded expansion.) Round House slogan still visible on side of building.*'''Sante Santa Fe Depot''', East Main St., (405) 275- 8412. Old railroad station turned museum. Has working railroad tracks. East Main St., (405) 275-8412  
In recent years, Shawnee has spent over a million dollars revitalizing a three block section of '''Bell Street''', one of Shawnee's oldest roads and site of the Aldrige Hotel and former Round House Building.
*'''Cinema Center 8''' movie theater, 3031 North Harrison, (405) 275-7511, Jones Theaters [ Jones Theaters Website]
*'''Hornbeck and Penthouse''' movie theater (Still commonly, and now incorrectly, referred to as the "Dollar Movie", despite a recent price increase to $1.50), 125 North Bell Avenue, (405) 275-0963, (405) 275-0964 (Office)
*'''<see name="Mabee-Gerrer Museum and of Art Gallery''', " alt="" address="1900 West Macarthur, W MacArthur Drive" directions="" phone="(405) 878-5300 " url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax=""></see>*'''Movies 6''' ( Recently bought and renovated by Jones Theatres and reopened in the spring of 2010. It is now equal to the Cinema Center 8 in quality and price.) (''located at Shawnee Mall''), 4901 North Kickapoo, (405) 275-6666
*'''Noah's Ark Petting Zoo'''
*'''Oklahoma Baptist University Sporting Events'''
*'''Shawnee Airport Jogging Trail''' 4-mile track built in mid 1990's courtesy federal grant, 2202 Airport Drive, (405) 878-1625 (Airport Manager)
*'''Shawnee Bowl Family Fun Center''' (formerly Tri-County-Bowl; colloquially "Ghetto Bowl" although recent facility upgrades may have rendered this pejorative a misnomer), 701 North Harrison Street, (405) 275-4064
*'''Shawnee Little Theater''', 1829 Airport Drive, (405) 275-2805, Theater [ Theater Website]
*'''Shawnee Public Library''', 101 North Philadelphia Avenue, (405) 275-6353, (405) 273-3334 (Administrative Services)
*'''St. Gregory's University Sporting Events''', 1900 West Macarthur, (405) 878-5100
*'''Star Skate''' Roller skating rink, 37303 45th Street, (405) 273-2030
*'''Veterans of Foregin Foreign Wars (VFW) HeadquatersHeadquarters''' Weekend concerts and annual Super Bowl parties, 811 East Macarthur Street, (405) 273-7098*'''Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)''' Gyms, fitness facillitiesfacilities, youth sports, Saratoga & Hornet Street, (405) 273-4386, Shawnee YMCA [ Shawnee YMCA Website]   
*'''Fire Lake Golf Course'''
18 hole course; usually considered to Shawnee's budget golfing: "Golfing for the price of a gordita", Minature Miniature Golf located nearby. 1901 South Gordon Cooper Drive, (405) 275-4471
*'''The Elk's Golf Course'''
(Exceptions noted below)
*'''KidSpace''' children's outdoor play equipment (adult supervision strongly reccomendedrecommended)
*'''Lions Club Park''' (has baseball field)
*'''Briscoe Rotary Boy Scout Park''' (lighted public tennis courts, great place for pick-up style basketball games) ('''not recommended after dark''')
===Shawnee's Twin Lakes===
Shawnee's Twin Lakes offer enjoyable avocation and adventure to anyone who likes to experience the outdoors and water related leisure.
In recent years, Shawnee has been surrounded by gaming establishments who advertise to be "just like Vegas". For smokers, these establishments offer the convenience of having their own smokeshopssmoke shops, which are not subject to local tobacco tax statutes.
Since the passage of the 2005 passage of a Tribal Gaming Amendment, Native American casinos can now offer card games along with their slot machine mainstays.
As a classic example of middle sized town Americana, Shawnee boasts a variety of shopping opportunities , both budget and luxury oriented.
===Books & Magazines===
You cannot go very far in Shawnee without running into a '''Sonic Drive-In''' of which there are 5, '''Braum's''' hamburgers and ice-cream (3), '''McDonald's''' (3), '''Arby's''' roast beef (2), '''Pizza Hut''' (2), or a '''Taco Bell''' (2).
Shawnee is home to what has been labled labeled as "Sonic number 3000". This label is up for debate however, as some state that it was not the 3000th Sonic drive-in to be erected.
Other fast food chains set up around town include '''Quizno's,''' '''Wendy's,''' '''KFC,''' and '''Taco Bueno.''' Higher-end chains include '''Cracker Barrel,''' '''Red Lobster,''' and '''Chili's.'''
If you're wanting something more special, authentic Italian cooking with menus that go way beyond pizza and spaghetti can be found at Frateli's, just south of OBU on Kickapoo. Also on south US 177 you'll find Jay's Classic Steakhouse. Perhaps the best Mexican menu in town is at Abuelita's, found at the corner of Harrison and Independence.
Shawnee also has many pizza kitchens, although many of these are carry-out/delivery only.
Don't forget to try '''Dip's Frozen Custard''', "Vans" a local BBQ favorite, located on N. Kickapoo St.Highland Street
Hamburger King, located downtown, is a fun diner. Orders are placed using phones located at each booth. Also on the menu is Robb's Smokehouse, the 2nd most popular BBQ place in town, located at 2321 N. Kickapoo, across from OBU.
*<drink name="The Phoenix " alt="" address="On Union Street, downtown" directions="Located behind the courthouse" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">This restaurant offers not only amazing asian cuisine, but both raw and cooked sushi. They have a wide selection of foriegn beers as well as domestic. Saki is also on the menu. </drink>
*'''Chili's''', 512 Shawnee Mall Drive, (405) 395-9070, [].
*'''Queen of Hearts''', 12512 Valley View Road, (405) 273-0499
*'''Watering Hole Saloon''', 1530 North Harrison Street, (405) 878-9557
*'''Hot Rod's Sports Bar''', 3900 North Harrison St, (405) 273-6565
*'''Knuckles''' Downtown
Shawnee's surrounding area can offer almost as much to see as the city itself, if one knows where to look:
*'''Cowtown USA''', bar and dance hall with country/western theme, a little outside of town on Hwy 177 South, (405) 275-0108(Burned to the ground!!!)*'''Jim Thorpe's burial site''' located between Shawnee and nearby [[Prague (Oklahoma)|Prague]].
*'''Fireworks stands''' Just outside city limits in almost every direction,(Usually open around the Fourth of July)
*'''Buddhist Temple''' located approximately 20 miles outside Shawnee off I-40, an extreme rarity in the Oklahoma area[]*'''Curtis Watson's RestarauntRestaurant''' can be found off of I-40 between Shawnee and Oklahoma City.
*'''Carl Hubbell Museum''' and burial site are north on Highway 18 in Meeker, Oklahoma, a treat for fans of old-time major league baseball.
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