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* Little Beach Park (Parque da Prainha).
* Mirante Hill (Praça do Mirante)
* The artificial lake from Usina Caconde.
* Old water power station (Usina Velha)
* Santa Quitéria Waterfall.
* Mumbuca Waterfall
* The Pardo River rapids
* The Fuga
Cross Buoy is an original Brazilian activity, which consists in going down the river in individual mini-inflatable boats. Since it is done in the same waterfall-like segment of the river, it requires considerable physical effort.
Fuga Trekking is on the dry stream bead of Pardo River over rocks, always in contact with water and the woods. Among the most interesting lakes on the way is the Areião, which is a great opportunity for refreshment. Over the lake near the Old Waterworks the “Tirolesa” takes place. It consists of an approximately 60-meter-long air cable with pulleys stretched 8 meters over the river and riding it is a great adventure.
Mountain trekking done on the Pontal Mount in the Guerrinha. It’s one of the highest points of the city at 1277 meters. It offers a magnificent view to the Rio Pardo Valley. On the top of the mountain there is a small church originally built in the 17. century by slaves. Rappel is an optional activity, done on a ca. 20 meter high rock on the original track.
Cascading is rappel over only one waterfall. This activity takes place over the “Cubatão” Waterfall, 26 km from town and is a whole-day activity. In the morning, a sort of training is carried on over the Bela Vista Rock at a 12 meter height. The group then goes to the Cubatão Waterfall and glides down as often as possible.
Canyoning is rappel over a sequence of waterfalls. This activity takes place on the Fortaleza Mountain in a very beaufiful forrest beautiful forest area (the primary Atlantic Forrest), over 4 waterfalls between 15 and 70 meters high.
Horse Riding takes place at the Macuco Ranch and is an excelent excellent activity for those looking for a relaxing moment sightseeing, riding through the woods, and enjoying the interaction with the horse.
Canadian Canoeing and Banana Boat - It consists of the exploration of the main lake of the town dam, rowing on fiber canoes similar to those commonly used in North-American rivers. The activity starts at the PRAINHA Park, going through the Eucaliptus woods, Barragem, Yacht Club Captain Cristhovan and back to Prainha passing through a 4 km course, from which the beautiful water mirror can be observed It is one of Caconde’s sightseeing highlights.
*'''Restaurante Terra de Fogo''', Tel.: (''19'') 3662-8383 e 3662-1291
*'''Picanha e Cia.''', Tel.: (''19'') 3662-3166
*'''Pizza na Roça''', Tel.: (''19'') 9953-6485 e 9953-6486
[[Image:Monte Azul - Foto de Luiz Orrico - Caconde_Wikitravel4.jpg|thumb|200px|Sítio Monte Azul]]
*'''Pousada das Flores''' - SP 253 km 04.
*'''Sítio Monte Azul'''– SP 253 km 04, []
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