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*'''Maison des Tetes''' (''House of the Heads'') - a Renaissance building decorated with faces, and the Pfister House, a marvellous old wooden house, one of the oldest in Colmar.
*'''Dominican Church'''worth visitig only because of a famous Schongauer painting. It costs 4.50 euros (2006) to get in. The painting is very beautiful and so is the church, but skip this if you are pressed for time.*'''St. Martin Church''', which is a large church entirely made of yellow pink stone. *'''Unterlinden Museum''' It is an interesting museum situated in a medieval convent near the tourist informationcenter. It exhibits exponents of very different arrays, but its highlight is definitely the Isenheim altarpiece by Gruenewald, a revolutionary Alsatian Renaissance painter. Even if you are not much into art it is still shocking to see how modern and inventive this painter was. The museum also shows some very interesting touring exhibits and also musical events. The locals are very proud of this museum and many people turn out for the openings of exhibits. *'''Bartholdy Bartholde Museum''', dedicated to the sculpture of the Statue of Liberty who was native to Colmar.
Make sure to keep an eye out for dates painted onto the side of buildings. Some of the oldest date back to the 1300's.
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