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The '''Spreewald''' is a region in [[Brandenburg]] in the east of [[Germany]].
[[Image:Spreewald01.JPG|thumb|300px|Typical Spreewald atmosphere. By [[user:Fluglotse2000|Felix Gottwald]].]]
The Spreewald (Spree Forest) is a protected UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1991. It includes low-lying areas in which the river Spree meanders in thousands of small waterways through meadows and forests. It is a beautiful, unique landscape about one hour south of [[Berlin]] and well worth a day trip or a weekend trip to relax from the buzzing city life.
Besides it's its beautiful nature, the Spreewald is home to one of the two recognized minorities in Germany, the Sorbs with their unique culture. Many old, traditional farmhouses along the waterways offer beautiful sights.[[Image:Spreewald01.JPG|thumb|300px|Typical Spreewald atmosphere. By [[user:Fluglotse2000|Felix Gottwald]].]]
* [[Lübbenau]]
Unfortunately, most Most people only speak German (at least the standard variation without major accents). Some younger people understand and speak English, some older people might still remember a few words of Russian. Some people may still speak Low Geman dialect and Sorbian is still spoken in the south of Brandenburg.
==Get in==
==Get around==
Get around on your feet, on a cycle or by boat. Not every location can be reached by motorized transport. Visiting the Spreewald means getting around by muscle power. Public transport is virtually inexistentnonexistent.
* Take a guided boat tour on one of the traditional barges to experience the beautiful nature in this area. The barges are moved forward by punting - similarly to the gondolas in Venice. The ferrymen explain the nature and culture of the Spreewald on the way. If you need an English-speaking ferryman, you are most likely to find one at the larger touristic stations in Lübben or Lübbenau.
* Hire a canoe or kayak from one of the plenty to paddle some of the hundreds of kilometers of waterways yourself.
* Go on a hiking or cycle tour in the beautiful nature and landscape. Numerous quiet hiking and bicycle tracks lead through the beautiful naturecountryside.* Relax in the great new Spreewald Therme (Thermal Spa) in [[Burg (Spreewald)]].
The Spreewald is a preferred region for short holidays of people from Berlin and Saxony. Around the holidays in April and May (Easter, Pentecost, Ascension) and during the summer holiday season, it may be hard to find accomodation accommodation without prior reservation. During the rest of the year, finding accomodation accommodation should be no problem. The local tourist offices will assisst assist in finding accomodationaccommodation.
* Camp with your tent or caravan at one of the numerous camping facilities in the middle of nature.
* Rent one of the many holiday appartmentsapartments.* Stay at one of the numerous bed&breakfasts and hotels. *<sleep name="Best Western Spreewald" alt="Best Western Spreewald" address="LPG Straße 1, 03222 Lübbenau Fax: +49-3542–875125" phone="+49-3542-8750 ">[ Hotel in Spreewald - Landhaus Hotel Lubbenau] is located in Luebbenau and close to the Tropical Islands. The hotel offers 90 comfortable rooms, restaurants, free Wi-Fi and more.</sleep>
'''Typical Dishes'''
* Do not miss to try the large variety of pickled cucumbers (cornichons), horseradish, linseed oil and "Sauerkraut" - that is what the region if is famous for. Pickeld Pickled cucumbers are available sour, with herbs, with garlic, with mustard - the choices are almost infinite.
* Pike and pike-perch (sweetwater predatory fish) served with a heavy sauce made from cream, flour and horseradish.
* Potatoes with cream cheese, onions and linseed oil. Be careful with the latter, it is said to be very healthy but you really have to get used to it. In other regions, they use the stuff to produce putty to seal windows and not to eat it...
'''Recommended LocationsRestaurants'''* '''Alter Spreewaldbahnhof''' in Burg (Spreewald) - Located in the historic station of a now closed light railway that connected the villages in the upper Spree forest Spreewald with Cottbus. Drinks and desserts (with small firework fountains) are delivered to the table by a large model railway. Very nice interior with uncountable antiques and collectibles related to railways. Reasonably good regional and German cuisine, but not top end. But definitely great fun, especially if when you are with kids or a fan of model railways yourself.
* '''17fuffzig''' in Burg (Spreewald) - Haute cuisine, located in the Resort & Spa "Zur Bleiche" (see Stay / Do). Pretty expensive, but worth it.
* '''Kaupen Nr. 6''' in Lübbenau - Good Authentic local food served in an authentic place, an old renovated farmers' house. Can not be reached by car, only on foot or by boat (both from Lübbenau).* '''Zum Grünen Strand der Spree''' in Schlepzig - Excellent food served in a nice ambiente ambience in a small village in the lower Spree Forest.* '''Glück Auf!''' in Burg (Spreewald) - Here, the GDR (German Democratic Republic) is still alive! Three old ladies in nylon aprons serve good plain cooking. Huge servings and great value. Better to skip the other meals of the day before you go there. Warning: sometimes Sometimes closed for no obvious reason or because of private parties.
* Local beer from a small brewery in Lübbenau ("Babben-Bier") is served in many restaurants in the area.
* The restaurant / hotel "Zum Grünen Strand der Spree" in Schlepzig serves beer from it's its own in-house brewery. Seasonal beer specialities are offered. The beer can also bought for take-away.
==Stay safe==
==Get out==
* Same way as you got in ;-).[[de:Spreewald]] [[nl:Spreewald]]
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