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'''Ischgl''' [] (1377m) is a small village (population: 1489 in 2001) in the Paznaun Valley in Tyrol [[TyrolAustria]].
==Get in==
 By plane: for most foreign visitors, an hour or so drive from Innsbruck airport, two from munich and three from Zurich. By Car: Ischgl can be reached very easily from Innsbruck, the regional capital of the Austrian state of Tyrol. Follow the "S16" motorway route until you reach a junction near to "Pians" and exit the motorway in the direction of "Paznauntal - Ischgl" The drive is just over an hour and is very direct, making the most of Austria's incredibly efficient road network. By Train: Ischgl itself has no railway station and neither do any other villages or towns in the entire valley. However, trains from Innsbruck travel as far as Landeck, roughly 2 miles/ 5 kilometres from the start of the valley Ischgl is located in, the "Paznauntal." Regular bus services operated by "OBB", Austria's main public transport operator, run from the station in Landeck (Landeck-Zams),via the central town, to the Paznauntal frequently, making for a relatively simple journey. Further details on the train and bus services can be found by using the following links:[;&ident=34.013212168.1291403251&GO_conViewMode=outward&HWAI=JS!ajax=yes!&HWAI=CONNECTION$C0-0!id=C0-0!HwaiConId=C0-0!HwaiDetailStatus=details!HwaiMoreDetailStatus=none!HwaiAdditionalInformation=none!HwaiConnectionNumber=1!;~CONNECTION$C0-0!HwaiMapStatus=UNDEFINED!HwaiMapNumber=UNDEFINED!HwaiMapSlider=UNDEFINED!; Bus Service Landeck- Ischgl] [;&ident=6s.018997168.1291403779&GO_conViewMode=outward&HWAI=JS!ajax=yes!&HWAI=CONNECTION$C0-1!id=C0-1!HwaiConId=C0-1!HwaiDetailStatus=details!HwaiMoreDetailStatus=none!HwaiAdditionalInformation=none!HwaiConnectionNumber=2!;~CONNECTION$C0-1!HwaiMapStatus=UNDEFINED!HwaiMapNumber=UNDEFINED!HwaiMapSlider=UNDEFINED!; Train Services Innsbruck-Landeck]
==Get around==
'''Ski''' 220km of pistes, resort opens early.
 '''Hotel Solaria''', 4 star, is fun and homely with good food. ===Splurge===* <sleep name = "Hotel Yscla" address = "6561 Ischgl, Austria" phone = "+43 (0) 5444 5275" email= "[email protected]" fax = "+43 (0)5444 5275-4" url = ""> </sleep> * <sleep name = "Hotel Madlein" address = "Ischgl 144, 6561 Ischgl" phone = "+43 (0) 4718 590" email= "[email protected]" fax = "+43 (0) 4718 590-310" url = ""> </sleep> * <sleep name = "Hotel Brigitte" address = "Oberer Kirchenweg 3, 6561 Ischgl" phone = "+43 (0) 5444 5646" email= "[email protected]" fax = "+43 (0) 5444 5646-66" url = ""> </sleep>
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