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San Ignacio

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Getting to San Ignacio from Guatemala
There is more than one place called '''Name of placeSan Ignacio''':
* ===[[Place (Region)Belize]] - A town in [[Region]].===
===* [[RegionSan Ignacio (Belize)]]===- A town in [[Belize]].
===[[Guatemala]]===Get in from [[Flores]] in Guatemala is very convenient. If you are traveling through Guatemala and want to include San Ignacio and Belize in your itinerary, there are [ groups] that leave from Flores in daily basis.  ===[[Mexico]]=== * [[Place San Ignacio (RegionBaja California)]] - A town in [[RegionBaja California]]. ===[[Paraguay]]=== * [[Place (Region)San Ignacio Guazú]] - A town in the South of [[RegionParaguay]].
[[WikiPedia:Name_of_placeSan Ignacio]][[de:San Ignacio]]

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