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San Ignacio

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__NOTOC__There is more than one place called '''San IgnacioName of place''' is a city in [[Baja California]], [[Mexico]]. :
==Get in=[[Region]]===
San Ignacio is easily reachable by car. The Western Highway is the best road * [[Place (Region)]] - A town in the country and is fully paved and free of pot-holes. There are several gas stations along the route so you have no worries there. Once you reach the sister-city of San Ignacio - Santa Elena- be aware that there are two bridges and each is a one way bridge. You will need to make a right turn, if you are heading west, and run downhill to cross the bridge into San Ignacio. Locals apparently know tourists will miss this turn and are quite aware to signal you you have made a mistake if you try and go the wrong way[[Region]].
==Get around=[[Region]]===
There is s Shell gas station at the intersection nearest the Hawksworth Bridge* [[Place (Region)]] - A town in [[Region]]. The roads * [[Place (Region)]] - A town in town are quite passable and traffic is light[[Region]].
There is really no reason to drive. The town is foot scaled so walking is your best bet for getting about and really experiencing the town.
Cahal Pech is the main attraction in the town. The name means literally "Place of the ticks" and Cahal Pech is a smallish set of Myan ruins that were abandoned around 800-900AD. The site is open 7 days a week during daylight hours. Admission is USD $2.50 but may change. There are, allegedly, guided tours but these are most unneeded as the site is easy to traverse. The entire site should take 1-2 hours at most for a thorough exploration. Cahal Pech is at the top of the hill overlooking San Ignacio as the walk up hill to it from the main town is quite exhausting and is difficult even from the San Ignacio Resort Hotel on the hill. If you have any disability or are in poor physical condition you will want to drive. ==Do== ==Buy== ==Eat== ==Drink== ==Sleep== ==Get out==By car, you leave San Ignacio across the Hawksworth Bridge which is the only suspension bridge in Belize. This is also a one-way bridge. {{stub}}{{isIn|Belize}}[[WikiPedia:Name_of_place]]

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