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Western Mongolia

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Other destinations
'''Western Mongolia''' is a region in [[Mongolia]].
==Regions==*[[Bayan-Olgii]]*[[Hovd_(province)|Hovd]] - a melting pot of Mongolian ethnic groups, customs and culture *[[Uvs]]*[[Zavkhan]] - a province at the edge of desert and forest containing legendary mountains and lakes
==Other destinations==
* [[Altai Tavan Bogd National Park]]
* [[Tsambagarav National Park]]
* [[Otgontenger Mountain Strictly Protected Area]]
Mongolian is widely spoken, although much of the population speaks Kazakh as a native language. Russian can be used occasionally among middle-aged and older people. Tour guides and some young adults speak English. Schools teach several years of English, though most graduate with only limited knowledge of the language.
==Get in==
Flights for [[Ulaanbaatar]] to airports in [[Ölgii]], [[Hovd]], and [[Ulaangom]] daily or several times a week on Eznis, AeroMongolia, or Mongolian Air (Not MIAT). Direct buses from the Dragon Center in Ulaanbaatar to each Aimag Center also available several times a week. These buses take 48 hours to Ölgii and 40 to Hovd or Ulaangom under ideal conditions (can be much longer). Shared jeeps travel between each aimag center and from the centers to soums (villages). These are usually dangerously overcrowded, with as many as 15 people and luggage in one jeep. These are available daily between Hovd and Ölgii, and Hovd and Ulaangom, but infrequently between Ölgii and Ulaangom.
==Get around==
Hiking, horseback or camel riding, fishing, nomadic culture, Kazakh culture, eagle hunting, mountain climbing, archeological sites, whitewater rafting, and museums.

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