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Population of Bhutan
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==Population of [[Bhutan]]==
Hi Stephen, I rolled back your population change to [[Bhutan]] as I was not able to confirm the number. Wikipedia has the population at 672,425. If I am wrong, please point me to a reference or if there is a controversy maybe we can point that out in the article. Thanks for your contributions. -- [[User:Xltel|Tom Holland (xltel)]] 15:38, 27 December 2006 (EST)
:Wikipedia has a footnote on the population that explains the numerical variation. Basically the <1M number comes from the official Bhutan census, and the larger number comes from independant estimates. I'm not sure where this exact number is coming from, but it's not far from the CIA Factbook number. -- [[User:Cjensen|Colin]] 15:45, 27 December 2006 (EST)
:Also, [[:WikiPedia:List of countries by population]] matches Stephen's number. -- [[User:Cjensen|Colin]] 15:46, 27 December 2006 (EST)
::I've added a disclaimer to the quickbar noting both figures and I explained the revert of Tom's revert on [[Talk:Bhutan#Population]]. -- [[User:Sapphire|Andrew H. (Sapphire)]] 16:02, 27 December 2006 (EST)
:::All figures that I find are confirmed as of July 2006 from the CIA World Fact Book estimates. But there's always a chance that fat fingered typing might have resulted in a misentry. Thanks for checking it out.
== Population ==

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