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Colorado City

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Add Water Canyon, Canaan Mountain, Squirrel Canyon
Unless you are a Fundamentalist LDS church member, there is little more to do here other than to drive by and look at this unusual community and its residents. There is a small playground within the townat the city park. Hike Canaan Mountain - One of the most incredible hikes anywhere! This can be done as a hike in and back to where you started or hike from Water Canyon to Eagle Crags in [Rockville] Hike Water Canyon - This is an impressive canyon that the guides in Springdale use to teach canyoneering. Anyone however with gear and knowledge can descend the canyon. Water Canyon is not just for canyoneers. It is a gorgeous hike through a water filled canyon. Squirrel Canyon - This approach to Canaan Mountain is not as impressive as the Water Canyon direction but it is an alternative. Most that do the hike, enter Squirrel Canyon, hike on Canaan Mountain and exit via Water Canyon.

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