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Primary sources
==That travel guide link==
Hmmm.. I went to that site, and it doesn't look all that bad. I know that I'd rather have its author contributing the actual info to Wikitravel, but what if I go to a bar because the link is on Wikitravel, and then make a writeup about the bar. On the [[Geneva]] page we've left a well meaning but very poorly designed page in the links for some time just in case there's something useful in there (also cause I wanted the guy to think about contributing.) -- [[User:Mark|Mark]] 17:00, 17 Mar 2004 (EST) :Well, according to [[Wikitravel:external links]], we normally just link to primary sources -- official Web sites for destinations, attractions, restaurants, bars, etc. :Wikitravel is not a Web directory or link farm. It's a travel guide. I'm not convinced there's a good reason to link to another travel guide from ours. --[[User:Evan|Evan]] 18:30, 17 Mar 2004 (EST)

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