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The '''Conservatorio del Tolima''' (Calle 9 No. 1-18) founded in 1906. It comprises an old, crumbling building and modern one (ask the guard to show you the views from the top. It's just round the corner from Plaza Bolívar. While the building itself is not that impressive, it's an important part of the city's heritage.
The '''Jardín Botanico San Jorge''' (Cra 8 No. 19-120 Barrio Interlaken. Tel: (098) 2638354) is a botanical garden located at the edge of Ibagué. It boasts over 500 species of plants, and has 7 Km of nature trails (visitors can choose between a short, flat walk, or a longer, more challenging one). You'll have the chance to see a coca plant, if you've never seen one before.

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