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Balearic Islands

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The '''Balearic Islands''' (Catalan: ''Illes Balears'', Spanish: ''Islas Baleares'') [] are an archipelago in the [[Mediterranean Europe|Mediterranean Sea]], off the coast of [[Spain]].
Palma de Mallorca, rge capital of the Balearic Islands, offers its visitors not only sunshine, numerous bars, restaurants and shops but also a beautiful harbour and a historical centre.
==Other destinations==
==Get around==
If you are visiting the centre of Palma your best bet is to go on foot. You can also hire scooters and bicycles if you prefer. If you decide to drive into the city from another part of the island, leave your car in one of the municipal car parks. You will be offered a bicycle (free of charge) to use to explore the city until you return to pick up your car.
There is one railway line in Majorca, departing from Palma which will take the traveller to a number of villages on the island. A quaint and antique wooden electric train departing from the main station in the Plaza de España will take you on a beautiful journey through the mountain range to the quaint village of Soller. If you prefer, you can hire a car.
Schedules for bus train and ferries for all islands can be found on [].
* International Yacht Charter and Sailing - INTERNATIONAL CHARTER GROUP, [] - [], one of the world's largest yacht charter companies, can take care of all charter requirements, from bareboat to crewed in the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera). Operating from nine offices worldwide (USA, Spain, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Caribbean, Honk Kong and Dubai).
The local cooking of the islands is exotic, exquisite and at the same time imaginatively presented.
The official Majorcan foodstuff should be a type of red pork pate called [[sobrasada]] in Majorcan, sobrasada in Spanish. Highly popular in parts of the mainland too. The red colour comes from hefty amounts of sweet paprika. It is good. There is also an official Majorcan cake, called ensaimada. It contains pumpkin jam and lard (obviously the Majorcans do keep some pigs) and it is delicious. The locals are very proud of their centuries-old olive trees, so while visiting the island it would be worth trying Majorcan extra virgin olive oil, which is otherwise hard to find.
Palo and Hierbas are two of the most popular local liquors among local residents. Palo is made from the fruit of the carob tree. It is often drunk mixed with soda water and sometimes even taken for medicinal purposes. Sweet, mixed and dry "Hierbas" are available. The ingredients include assorted herbs.
==Stay safe==
==Get out==
[[es:Islas Baleares]]
[[fr:Îles Baléares]]
[[it:Isole Baleari]]
[[pt:Ilhas Baleares]]
[[ro:Insulele Baleare]]
[[ptru:Ilhas BalearesБалеарские острова]]
[[WikiPedia:Balearic Islands]]
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