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'''Juntas''' is a nearby village, especially popular at weekends and holidays, where people go and eat almojabanas, bunuelos, sancocho soup and river trout in a peaceful mountain setting. There is also a mirador from which, if you are lucky and there are no clouds, can see the Nevado del Tolima (early morning is best). You can get to Juntas by taking a bus in Cra 1/Calle 14 from "La Ibaguerena" bus company.
From Juntas, you can walk up to '''El Rancho''', some thermal springs in the cloud-forest at 2600 metres above sea-level; it's about a 4 hour leisurely walk uphill alongside the impressive canyon of the Combeima river, or you can take the morning lechero. '''El Rancho''' is the starting point for the trek up El Nevado del Tolima (5215 m). This is the mountain in Colombia wher most mountaineers have lost their lives, and to reach the summit a guide is essential. See the Latas route in this [ Summitpost entry] for more details.
You can also walk to '''El Derrumbe de las Perlas''' from Juntas if you don't fancy an uphill struggle; when you cross over the river, turn right immediately instead on continuing towards the mirador. After a couple of hours of leisurely walking you'll reach an open valley with a river, an ideal picnic spot. If you continue along this route you can also reach the summit of the Nevado, but this is a quite a long way round. The route is known as ''Las Nieves''' , and is via some thermal springs at 3900m owned by a hermitknown as Don Canon.

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