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Wikitravel:Guide articles

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A '''guide article''' is a [[Wikitravel:Article status|status rating]] for any article in Wikitravel that is essentially complete, with enough information to be useful to any traveler. This is what a Wikitravel article is intended to be. Not only would you not ''need'' to consult another guide, you'd really have no reason to ''want'' to: it's all here.
Guide articles aren't necessarily perfect... just very close. For example, a city guide might not have a [[Wikitravel:Mapmaking Expedition|map]], some of the listings might not exactly match our [[Wikitravel:Manual of style|manual of style]]. The article may have perfect spelling and grammar but the prose is a bit dry and wikipedic. This prevents them from being considered "star" articles, which are the ones we hold up as examples of just how ''great'' a Wikitravel article can become. '''See also''': [[Wikitravel:Stub articles|Stub articles]], [[Wikitravel:Outline articles|Outline articles]], [[Wikitravel:Usable articles|Usable articles]], [[Wikitravel:Star articles|Star articles]].
The criteria for what makes a "guide" article varies depending on what the subject is. For example, an article about a city must have multiple hotel and restaurant listings, but that doesn't make sense for an article about an entire region, which should instead have a listing of the cities in that region. Obviously the criteria for a [[travel topics|travel topic]] or [[list of phrasebooks|phrasebook]] would be different. See [[Wikitravel:Article status]] for links to the specific criteria for each kind of article.
==What to do with them==
If you find an article that meets the criteria for "guide" but hasn't been tagged as such, or if you improve an article to the point that it qualifies, please tag it appropriately.
There's special markup in our software to mark something as a guide article. Unlike the "stub" and "outline" tags, which are generic enough to apply to any kind of article, we have different tags for the different kinds of articles. For example, the tag for a ''guide'' about a ''city'' looks like this: '''<nowiki>{{guidecity}}</nowiki>''' which makes this appear on the page:
If you find a "guide" article and you can see what's holding it back from becoming a "star"... ''[[Wikitravel:plunge forward|plunge forward!]]'' If you know your way around Illustrator or Inkscape, [[Wikitravel:Mapmaking Expedition|make a map]] for it. If you have a good eye for detail, comb through the listings and fix any [[Wikitravel:manual of style|formatting mistakes]]. If you have a flair for the English language, give the text a full-body massage with a happy ending, and make it sing. Give the article that final nudge from "great" to "insanely great".
The [[Wikitravel:article status|specific criteria]] varies depending on the kind of article (i.e. city, country, etc.) but a star article is as good as it gets. At that point it's a guide to be proud of, and should be [[Wikitravel:Star nominations|nominated to be a "star"]].
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