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* '''Rajaportin sauna''' (Pispalan valtatie 9, []) is the oldest still-functioning public sauna in Finland. It is located in historical Pispala, easily reached with buses 1, 13,18,19, 25, 26 or 27. In old days, people who didn't have a sauna of their own went to a public sauna to clean up. In addition to seeing a piece of history, you can experience one of the best quality saunas in the world: The 100-year-old Rajaportin sauna has a stove that is three cubic meters in size and contains over ton of stones that are heated literally glowing red with burning logs. After simmering for couple of hours, the sauna is ready for the customers. It is widely described to be as one of the best sauna experiences one can have.
* '''Holiday Club Tampere Spa''' (Lapinniemenranta 12, []) is a spa hotel built into an old cotton mill and it is situated next to a marina, about 1 km from the city center. The large spa department offers swimming pools, jacuzzis, a children's pool, saunas, a steam room and spa treatments also for day visitors.
* During winter, you can combine sauna with '''ice swimming''': drill a hole into the ice cover of a lake and hop in! The water under the ice stays at constant temperature of +4 degrees Celcius, and is ''very'' refreshing. You can try ice swimming at '''Kaupinojan sauna''' [], [] or '''Rauhaniemen kansankylpylä''' [] on Rauhaniementie near hotel Holiday Club Tampere.

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