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Wikitravel:Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense

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Oh, and I am truly sorry for increasing it from zero to one. Feel free to act as if I wasn't here after I am gone, for it is not really you who is to blame for it, it is me.
''Durkadurkastan is a small terrorist nation located somewhere in Asia. We don't know specifically where so getting in may be kinda tricky. It has been called a cheap knock off of [[Iraq]], but in actual fact the city of bagdahalad bears little resemblance.''
''Durkadurkastan has various small provinces, the city of Bagdahalad (no resemblance to Baghdad). Other than that, the country is divided roughly into 3 parts, each with their own goats and foreign coalition invasions.''
''The capital city of Durkadurkastan is Bagdalahad (no resemblance to [[Baghdad]], why do people keep saying that?) Other than that, various small terrorist villages exist.''
''The climate is warm and dry, and the primary industry is goat farming and turban manufacture. AK47's are widely available.''
''The standard language of Durkadurkastan is "Durka", it is easy to pick up and a few usefull phrases include:
Durka - Hello
Durka - so, any terrorist plans going down?
Durka - where are my goats?
Durka - Please compose me a 3 page essay on the exhaustive history of brussel sprouts''
==Get in==
''As nobody knows exactly where Durkadurkastan is, getting in can be a bit of a hassle. However, getting in by plane is not particularly difficult, and aircraft stop regularly at the world trade centre in [[New York]]. (Airport out of service for maintinence as of 9/11/01)''
''The Durkadurkastan national sport is suicide bombing, often coupled with incredibly crappy flying experience. This is best avoided as it carries a slight health hazard.''
''Fresh cammel is freely available in DurkaDurkastan, as are lightly grilled cactus and whatever else terrorists eat.''
''There are various bars in and around the major cities, but getting past the guards does require some basic acting experience. A few sample phrases are included in this article. Notable topics of conversation include goats, infidels and comparing turbans. A word of caution - Durkastani bars have the habbit of being mown down by obnoxious American vigilantes with oversized miniguns. Exercise caution''
==Stay safe==
''The Durkadurkastan national sport is suicide bombing, this can be a somewhat unhealthy practice and is best avoided as it can result in some discomfort to those im the immediate vicinity. Crime rates are reasonably low. If you are western, as said above it helps to have a crudely done false beard and turban - as well as the rudimentry ability to act your way past guards.''
==Get out==
''One way flights to New York leave regularly from Durkadurkastan airport. However the airport in NY has been out of service due to a bad landing a few years back. Leaving by train might just get you into a country you recognise, try your luck!''

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