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Software for travellers

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The author of these lines tested it with various cities ([[Paris]], for example). ''Metro'' does a very good job at what it was designed to do. It's highly recommended for anyone with a supported PDA who travels into a city with more than two subway lines.
==TripTieHotels Price Bot== * AuthorsAuthor: Andrew M. Lin & Svante AdemarkTimmy Duis Damm
* Price: Free
* Platforms: Windows/Mac* Home:
''TripTieHotels Price Bot'' is a unique free online application where members can share itineraries and create their own by remixing tool that searches multiple hotel reservation websites simultaneously to help you find the trip plans of otherslowest rate instantly. Furthermore, We eliminate the application allows members need to view their itinerary on a calendarsearch major websites one by one in order to compare prices and availability. Our free service is an amazing time and money saver!, estimate how much their trip will costcompares over 700, print their plan, share 000 hotel deals from over 30 of the most visited travel photos, write a blogwebsites. Our unique system offers exceptional consumer value resulting in the industry’s top return visitor numbers, and maintain a checklist of tihngs to bring. The author of this personally used ''TripTie'' to plan and budget a trip visitor-to [[Japan]], and the site served as a great starting point-booking rates.
==Portable Apps==
* Author: John T. Haller, various
* Price: Free
* Platforms: Windows/Mac
* Home:
''Portable Apps'' are portable applications that can be put on any USB drive/iPod/media device and toted along with the user. The apps can be launched from the USB drive and used nearly anywhere in the world. Apps vary greatly, from web browsers and email programs (Mozilla's ''Firefox'' and ''Thunderbird''), to word processors (''OpenOffice''), and even audio and image editing software (''Audacity'' and ''GIMP''). Portable apps are free and lightweight, and are only limited to the amount of space the user's drive allows.
==Wikitravel==*Wikitravel itself is available for download in in various forms. See for more information.Software Blog:{{stuboutline}}

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