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Stark County (Ohio)

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[[Image:Stark_County.png|right|Stark County, Ohio]]
'''Stark County''' [] is in [[Northeast Ohio]]. It is known as "America's Playing Field." The county is made up of a mixture of rural and urban/commercial areas. The hub is the Canton region that hosts the Pro Football Hall of Fame. As of the 2000 Census, Stark County has a population of 378,098 and a 2006 estimated population of 380,575 and covers a land area of 576.14 square miles.
==RegionsTourist office==* <listing name="Canton/Stark County Convention Visitors Bureau" alt="" address="222 Market Ave. N. (Located inside the Millennium Centre)" directions="" phone="+1 330-454-1439" url="" hours=Surrounding Counties"" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""></listing>*[[Carroll County]]*[[Columbiana County]]*[[Holmes County]]*[[Mahoning County]]*[[Portage County]]*[[Summit County (Ohio)|Summit County]]*[[Tuscarawas County]]*[[Wayne County]]==Cities==
==Cities and Towns==*[[Alliance]]*[[Beach City]]*[[Brewster (Ohio)Image:Stark County Road Map.png|Brewster]]*[[Canal Fulton]]*[[Canton (Ohio)right|Canton]]*[[East Canton]]*[[East Sparta]]*[[Greentown]]*[[Hartville]]*[[Hills and Dales]]*[[Limaville]]*[[Louisville (Ohio)400px|Louisville]] (pronounced LEW-iss-ville)*[[Massilon]]*[[Minerva]]*[[Meyers Lake]]*[[Navarre]] (pronounced neh-VAR)*[[North Canton]]*[[Perry Heights]]*[[Uniontown]]*[[Waynesburg]]*[[WilmotRoads & Cities in Stark County]]
====Townships====* [[Canton (Ohio)|Canton]] - the County Seat of Stark County, is the "Birthplace of Professional American Football" and home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame*[[Bethlehem TownshipAlliance (Ohio)|BethlehemAlliance]]- the home of Ohio's State Flower, the carnation*[[Canton Township|CantonBeach City]]*[[Jackson TownshipBrewster (Ohio)|JacksonBrewster]]*[[LakeCanal Fulton]]*[[LawrenceEast Canton]]*[[Lexington Township|LexingtonEast Sparta]]*[[MarlboroGreentown]]*[[NimishillenHartville]]- Gigantic indoor/outdoor flea market*[[OnasburgHills and Dales]]*[[Paris Jackson Township(Ohio)|ParisJackson Township]]*[[PerryLimaville]]*[[PikeLouisville (Ohio)|Louisville]](pronounced LEW-iss-ville) - "The Constitution City"*[[PlainMassillon]]- Was a Co fonder of Football as was Canton. Football is such a big deal in Massillon that the town was the subject of the 2001 movie '''Go Tigers!'''*[[Sandy TownshipMinerva]] * [[Meyers Lake]]* [[Navarre (Ohio)|SandyNavarre]](pronounced neh-VAR)*[[Sugar CreekNorth Canton]]*[[Tuscarawas TownshipUniontown (Ohio)|TuscarawasUniontown]]* [[Waynesburg]]*[[Washington Township|WashingtonWilmot]]
==Other destinations==
* '''Quail Hollow State Park''' is in [[Hartville]].
==Get in==
Interstate 77 goes north and south through the center of Stark County. State Route 30 goes east and west through the county.
==Get around==
* '''Stark County Regional Transit Authority (SARTA)''', tel: ''+1'' 330-47-SARTA (330-477-2782), []. $1.50 Regular fare/ .75 Reduced fare (Seniors, Disabled)/ Children under 6 ride free. SARTA provides reliable public bus service throughout Stark County. Transfer Centers are located in: Alliance, Massillon, and Canton. There is a bus to the Akron/Canton Airport (Route 115) and an express bus between Canton and Downtown Akron (Route 81). Buses on main routes generally depart each stop every hour. SARTA buses run 365 days per year. On Holidays, buses run the Sunday schedule. Additionally, Lakefront Lines, a private bus company, operates an office in SARTA's Canton Transfer Center. Lakefront Lines goes through Canton on it's route between Cleveland and Charleston, SC.
===Itineraries===[[Image:Ohio-Canton-Football_Hall_of_Fame.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Pro Football Hall of Fame - Canton]]
While some people that travel to the area are going to check out the Pro Football HOF in [[Canton (Ohio)|Canton]], there are other unique activities in Stark County.
* Try finding the '''Lost French Gold''' in [[Minerva]].
* '''Take a boat ride''' on the Ohio-Erie canal in [[Canal Fulton]].
* Take a tour of the '''Glamorgan Castle''' in [[Alliance (Ohio)|Alliance]].
* Dig up some old treasures at the '''Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market''' in [[Hartville]].
* Take a tour of '''Harry London Chocolates''' in [[North Canton]].
If you're in the mood for Italian, try '''Cibo's''' in [[Waynesburg]]. If you'd rather have a great steak check out '''Baker's''' in [[Canton (Ohio)|Canton]].
* '''Wineries'''. Maize Valley Market & Winery is in [[Hartville]], and Perennial Vineyards is in [[Navarre]].
*<drink name="Meniru Meadery" alt="" address="5868 Fulton Drive NW, Canton, OH 44718" directions="" phone="3302448515" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">A family run winery specializing in Honey Wines (Mead), Hard Cider and wines.</drink>
==Stay safe==
For the most part, Stark County is fairly safe. While there may be some less desirable areas in Canton and Alliance, they are easy to avoid.
==Get out==
* [[Cleveland]]* [[Greater Cleveland]]* [[Northeast Ohio]]* [[Akron]] ====Surrounding Counties==== * [[Carroll County]]* [[Columbiana County]]* [[Holmes County]]* [[Mahoning County]]* [[Portage County]]* [[Summit County (Ohio)|Summit County]]* [[Tuscarawas County]]* [[Wayne County (Ohio)|Wayne County]] {{isInisPartOf|Northeast_Ohio}}
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