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Monticello (Utah)

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'''Monticello''' [] is a cool haven in the midst of the [[Canyon Country]] region of [[Utah]]. Located at the base of the Blue Mountains (aka "Abajo" Mountains) in the center of San Juan County, Monticello typically has cooler weather than the surrounding desert. This makes it ideal for summer hiking, biking, horseback riding and motorsports and a delightful place to cross country ski or snowmobile in the winter. From the Blue Mountains you can see the Four Corners Region, consisting of [[Utah]], [[Arizona]], [[Colorado]], and [[New Mexico]].  ==Understand==
==Get in==
Drive -
*From [[Moab]] and I-70, travel south on Highway 191. Monticello is one hour south of [[Moab]].
*From [[Cortez]], [[Colorado]] and [[Mesa Verde]] National Park travel west on Highway 491. Monticello is one hour west of [[Cortez]].
*From [[Flagstaff]], [[Arizona]], the [[Grand Canyon]], [[Monument Valley]], [[Lake Powell]] and the [[Navajo Nation]], travel north on Highway 191. Monticello is four hours north of [[Flagstaff]] and one and a half hours north of [[Monument Valley]].
Fly === By road === * from [[Moab]] and I-70: travel south on Highway 191; Monticello is one hour south of [[Moab]] * from [[Cortez]], [[Colorado]] and [[Mesa Verde]] National Park: travel west on Highway 491; Monticello is one hour west of [[Cortez]] * from [[Flagstaff]], [[Arizona]], the [[Grand Canyon]], [[Monument Valley]], [[Glen Canyon National Recreation Area|Lake Powell]] and the [[Navajo Nation]]: travel north on Highway 191; Monticello is four hours north of [[Flagstaff]] and one and a half hours north of [[Monument Valley]] === By air === The Monticello Municipal Airport has limited facilities. Contact the city offices at 435-587-2271 for information. Additional contact information can be found at the city's website.[]
==Get around==
* <eat name="K&A Chuckwagon" alt="" address="469 N. Main St" directions="" phone="+1-435-587-3468" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Covered outdoor dining, recreation, RV hook-ups, family reunions. Open while warm outside, which is generally from May through September.</eat>
* <eat name="Lamplight Restaurant" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Casual dining, reservations not reuired, accepts all kinds of cards. Great atmosphere.</eat>
* <eat name="Roughlock RV Park & Steakhouse" alt="" address="" directions="8 miles north of Monticello on Hwy 191" phone="+1-435-587-2351" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Fantastic steakhouse with old west atmosphere. Reservations recommended, operates seasonally.</eat>
==Get out==
* '''[[Canyonlands National Park]]'''. Monticello is the closest town to the park's Needles District, home to excellent hiking opportunities among impressive and odd rock spires.
* '''[[Four Corners]]'''. Marks the quadripoint in the Southwestern United States where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. Approximately 1 hr and 4 min drive.
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