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__NOTOC__ '''Just a basic background for now, needs additional info''' Colchester is Britains oldest recorded town, making it an interesting place to get a taste of #REDIRECT [[England]]s history. With it's attractive old buildings, castle and friendly locals, Colchester is and enjoyable place both to visit and live. Colchester is also home to the [ University of Essex], the [ Colchester Institute] and an [ Army Garrison]. ==Get In/Get Out== The easiest way to get in/out of Colchester is either by Rail or Coach. All travel timetables both into and around Colchester can be found from the [ Council Website_Essex] ====Rail==== Both Anglia and First Eastern Trains run frequently (approx every 30 mins) South to London Liverpool St. and North as far as Norwich. Travel from other cities will likely have to go via one of these major stations. ====Coach==== [ National Express] coaches run from the central Colchester bus station (and various other stops) to various destinations (London, Major Airports, Norwich, etc). ====Car==== Colchester can be reached by car either via the A12 and the A14 which in turn link up with the M25 from the South and the M1/M6 from the North. A road map can be found [ Here] ==Get Around== The easiest way to get around Colchester itself is by Car or Bus. Full bus timetables are available from the link above. ==See== ===Inside=== ====Museums==== Colchester is home to 4 museums : #[ The Castle Museum] #[ The Hollytrees Museum] #[ The Natural History Museum] #[ The Tymperleys Clock Museum] Each is housed in a different beautiful old building and each offer a different insight into the history behind Colchester. ====Colchester Zoo==== [ Colchester Zoo] makes an interesting day out for the family. With some of the best cat and primate collections in Europe, and recent winner of the 'Large Visitor Attraction of the Year' Award, it's well worth a visit. ===Outside=== ====Castle Park==== The Castle Park is a fairly large park in the grounds of Colchester castle. A number of events are held there annually, including Cricket matches and festivals. ==Do== Until more detail added, an excellent site for more information on activities around Colchester is the [ Colchester Guide] site. ==Buy== ==Eat== ===Where=== Specific restaurant info, or general idea of good areas of the destination to try ==Drink== ==Sleep== Specific restaurant info, or general idea of good areas of the destination to try ==Exercise== ''This is a section for listing places to exercise in the city. Yes, it's somewhat like '''Do''', but more oriented towards exercise-as-tedious-chore rather than exercise-as-vacation-adventure.''
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