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'''Prescott-Russell''' [] is a county in [[Eastern Ontario]], [[Canada]]. It has a population of about 80,000.
==Regions==In this guide, Prescott-Russell is divided into three main regions. Each of these regions is divided into two sub-regions. * [[South (Prescott-Russell)|South]] -- Picturesque and vibrant small towns** [[Russell Township (Prescott-Russell)|Russell Township]] -- Living boomtowns full of adventure and wonder** [[The Nation (Prescott-Russell)|The Nation]] -- Small villages surrounded by forests and rolling hills * [[Northwest (Prescott-Russell)|Northwest]] -- A combination of rolling farmland and towns** [[Clarence-Rockland (Prescott-Russell)|Clarence-Rockland]] -- Natural and human-made wonders** [[Alfred-Plantagenet (Prescott-Russell)|Alfred-Plantagenet]] -- Breathtaking communities * [[Northeast (Prescott-Russell)|Northeast]] -- Where nature and urbanity intertwine** [[Champlain Township (Prescott-Russell)|Champlain Township]] -- Little shops and beaches** [[Hawkesbury/East Hawkesbury (Prescott-Russell)|Hawkesbury/East Hawkesbury]] -- A large town paired with forested plains ==Towns and VillagesCities==
Prescott-Russell has no true cities. Instead, there are several towns and villages.
The southern portion of Prescott-Russell has many towns, the largest of which is Embrun. Many of the towns in this area are boomtowns.
====Russell Township====* [[Embrun (Prescott-Russell)|Embrun]] -- A boomtown in action with numerous things to see and do* [[Russell (Prescott-Russell)|Russell]] -- A quaint little town with a village flair ====The Nation====* [[Limoges (Prescott-Russell)|Limoges]] -- A town at the edge of the forest with a hamlet atmosphere* [[St. Saint Isidore (Prescott-Russell)|St. Isidore]] -- Small village with the feel of an agricultural community* [[Casselman (Prescott-Russell)|Casselman]] -- Little village with a unique atmosphere
The Northwest has several towns and villages, the largest of which is Rockland.
====Clarence-Rockland====* [[Rockland (Prescott-RussellOntario)|Rockland]] -- Large town "on the edge".* [[Bourget (Prescott-Russell)|Bourget]] -- Quaint town just right for birdwatching ====Alfred-Plantagenet====* [[Alfred (Prescott-Russell)|Alfred]] -- Growing village with a unique flair* [[Plantagenet (Prescott-Russell)|Plantagenet]] -- Atmospheric village filled with wonder* [[Wendover (Prescott-Russell)|Wendover]] -- Riverside village with a wonderful feel
The Northeast is a beautiful place near the Quebec border. The largest town is Hawkesbury.
====Champlain Township====* [[Vankleek Hill (Prescott-Russell)|Vankleek Hill]] -- Quaint town with small shops* [[L'Orignal (Prescott-Russell)|L'Orignal]] -- Town by the coast ====Hawkesbury/East Hawkesbury====* [[Hawkesbury (Prescott-Russell)|Hawkesbury]] -- The largest town in Prescott-Russell still has a rural feel* [[East Hawkesbury (Prescott-Russell)|East Hawkesbury]] -- A township in action consisting of such beautiful places as St. Eugene

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