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The southern portion of Prescott-Russell has many towns, the largest of which is Embrun. Many of the towns in this area are boomtowns.
RUSSELL TOWNSHIP:====Russell Township====
* Embrun -- A boomtown in action with numerous things to see and do
* Russell -- A quaint little town with a village flair
THE NATION:====The Nation====
* Limoges -- A town at the edge of the forest with a hamlet atmosphere
* St. Isidore -- Small village with the feel of an agricultural community
The Northwest has several towns and villages, the largest of which is Rockland.
* Rockland -- Large town "on the edge".
* Bourget -- Quaint town just right for birdwatching
* Alfred -- Growing village with a unique flair
* Plantagenent -- Atmospheric village filled with wonder
The Northeast is a beautiful place near the Quebec border. The largest town is Hawkesbury.
CHAMPLAIN TOWNSHIP:====Champlain Township====
* Vankleek Hill -- Quaint town with small shops
* L'Orignal -- Town by the coast
HAWKESBURY====Hawkesbury/EAST HAWKESBURY:East Hawkesbury====
* Hawkesbury -- The largest town in Prescott-Russell still has a rural feel
* East Hawkesbury -- A township in action consisting of such beautiful places as St. Eugene

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