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==Union Square, Somerville, MA==
Union Square is not on the Red Line, so it's a bit off the beaten path. It is a reasonable walk from Harvard Square or Porter Square, and there are [ MBTA] buses arriving from Harvard, Porter, Davis, Lechmere, and Sullivan Square. (See It's a nice walk in good weather from the West, but the neighborhoods to the [http://wwwEast are less MBTA] for details.) There are a number lots of Brazilian restaurants and stores around, including a Brazilian butcher-slash-convenience store. The Brazilian community extends to Inman Square (Cambridge) and there's another pocket in Allston. There's also Indian, Mexican, and Peruvian fare here. It's a nice, brick-based New England intersection of many roads, but there's not enough public space for pedestrians to linger.
* [ Officeal Sommerville site (squares page)] ==Inman Square, Cambridge, MA== Not on the Red Line; accessible by a reasonable walk from Harvard or Central Square, or by [ MBTA] bus. Rosie's Bakery, Cambridge Store [] If you've found Mr. or Ms. Right, they do wedding cakes, but of course have a good selection of yummy deserts for Mr. and Ms. Right Now. For travellers on the Red Line, it's probably easier to visit their store in South Station, in Boston.

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