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Jerusalem/Old City

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*the '''Western Wall'''
The holiest site in Judaism, the Western Wall dates from 2000 years ago. It marks the western edge of the Temple Mount, where the holy Jewish Temple was located before it was destroyed, and where, long before that, the prophet Abraham apparently demonstrated his devotion to God. The site of the Temple Mount is occupied by the third holiest site in Islam - the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque. This leads to the current difficult situation, where large numbers of Jews and some Christians pray at the Western Wall. If they ventured onto the Mount itself, a religious conflict of monumental proportions would break out.
Many supplicants at the wall insert written prayers into crevices between the large stones. While the wall is outdoors, it acts as a church and synagogue with a never-ending crowd of worshippers. You can view the Wall from a reasonable distance without disturbing those praying at the Wall, and without making a traveller stand out as an inconsiderate goof.

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