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Talk:Mexico City

337 bytes added, 01:12, 24 May 2006
So, we've kinda decided to break up [[Wikitravel:huge city article template|huge cities]] by district rather than by restaurants, sights, etc. I moved some of the restaurants on this page to the appropriate district page, when I could figure it out. A lot of these are still on here, though. Folks familiar with them should start moving them to the district pages, if possible. Eventually I'd like to delete this page. -- [[User:Evan|Evan]] 09:43, 27 Nov 2003 (PST)
I just did several reverts to deal with vandalism in this article, but am not sure I got it all. Some of the nonsense seems to have been there a while so that a straight revert/rollback wasn't catching it. Please let me know if I missed something. -- [[User:Bill-on-the-Hill|Bill-on-the-Hill]] 21:08, 23 May 2006 (EDT)

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