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Tram *16* to Gasteig
'''Haidhausen''' is a district of [[MunichImage:Haidhausen.jpg|thumb|200px|Haidhausen]], where the Kultfabrik and Ostbahnhof can be found.
'''Haidhausen''' is a residential district just to the east of the [[Munich]] city center where the Kultfabrik and Ostbahnhof can be found.
The Kultfabrik claims to be the largest party zone in Europe as it has been developed into a maze of bars, clubs, skate parks, cinemas, games halls, climbing walls etc.
Haidhausen is also referred to as the "French Quarter", since most streets are named after French cities, and the streets and places are arranged in a pattern oftentimes found in France.
==Get in==
To get there, take any S-Bahn or the U5 and get off at the Ostbahnhof or Rosenheimer Platz train station. If you want to go to Kultfabrik/Optimolwerke , go to Ostbahnhof and either follow the signs, or the stream of teenagers. If you go by subway, Ostbahnhof or Max-Weber-Platz are the stations of your choice. Tram lines 15,18,19 and 25 are also going to or through the quarter. From the inner city, Bus lines 100 and 152 may be an option. Quite slower than the rail-based transport but good to get some impressions of the city.
[[Image:Maximilianeum Muenchen 565-dvf3.jpg|thumb|250px|Maximilianeum]][[Image:Deutsches_Museum2.jpg|thumb|160px|Curve of Binding Energy Gamowtal Deutsches Museum]] *'''Maximilianeum''' - housed the Bavarian Landtag. *'''Deutsches Museum''' - Museumsinsel 1, Phone: ''+49'' (0)89 / 2179-1, Fax: ''+49'' (0)89 / 2179-324, [] Hours: Daily 9:00 Am 9AM - 5:00 PM 5PM (For closures and other information see []) - One of the biggest and best-known museums for science and technology in the world. Admission: Adults € 8.50, Students and children aged 6 - 15 € 3.*'''Gasteig Kulturzentrum''' Rosenheimerstr 5, Haidhausen, tel 089/480-980. Situated on the right bank of the River Isar, visit this complex for music, theater, and film. It has an open-plan interior and a maze of courtyards and plazas. The center has two theaters, where plays in English are occasionally staged.*'''Museum Villa Stuck''' Prinzregentenstr. 60, Haidhausen, Munich, tel 089/455-5510. This is the former home of one of Munich's leading turn-of-the-20th-century artists, Franz von Stuck (1863-1928). His work features along the walls of the villa and they stage special exhibits of his work.
 * '''Gasteig''' (near Deutsches Museum) is the place to go for first rate classical concerts given by the renowned Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. Take any S-Bahn to Rosenheimer Platz or Tram 16 to Gasteig.
This is a nice little shopping district with small stores catering to everyday needs as well as cafés and restaurants ideal for a short break.
* <buy name="Kaufhaus am Ostbahnhof" alt="" address="Haidhausen, Orleansplatz 3" directions="" phone="4 58 55 40" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Large department store offering fashion, jewellery, books and household supplies.</buy>
* <buy name="Parzival Hörbuchladen" alt="" address="Breisacher Str. 15 Haidhausen" directions="" phone=" 4 59 97 63," email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Germany’s oldest and still Bavaria’s only audiobook store. You can choose from 5,000 audiobooks on CD and/or MC in German, English and several other languages.</buy>
* <buy name="Tinissima" alt="" address="Pariser Str. 22 Haidhausen" directions="" phone="44 10 95 92" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">A jewellery lovers paradise featuring beautiful creations by local designer Christine Berger. Fun original rings, earrings, chains and bangles, all created from solid silver and tarnished 900 carat gold.</buy>
* <buy name="Münchner Blech" alt="" address="Gebsattelstr. 11 Haidhausen" directions="" phone="55 05 68 80" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Everything is music to your ears at this unique store that specializes in wood winds and brass instruments. There is also a professional in-house repair shop.</buy>
* <eat name="Escobar" alt="" address="Breisacherstr. 19, D-81667 (Haidhausen)" directions="" phone="(089) 4483069/485137" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Mexican fare served in a fun and modern way. Inside the restaurant, you'll find plently of exposd brick work and stainless steel, and even a striking sculpture of a vulture made out of scrap metal. A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere made possible by friendly staff.</eat> * <eat name="Juleps New York Bar and Grill" alt="" address="Breisacher Strasse 18" directions="" phone="089 4480044" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="" 5pm="5PM" to="to"></eat> * <eat name="Haidhausener Augustiner" alt="" address="Wörthstrasse 34 Haidhausen" directions="U-Bahn U4/5 Ostbanhof, than max. 3 min. walking" phone="089 4802594" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Great place to indulge in some pub culture, with basic but quality food, wide variety of drinks and a great meeting place to catch up with friends.</eat> * <eat name="Cafe Voila" alt="" address=" Wörthstr. 5, 81667" directions="U-Bahn: Ostbahnhof or Max-Weber Platz, than 5 min. walking" phone="089 4891654" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Local favourite that serves generous portions in a welcoming atmosphere. Standard fare that is cooked well.</eat>
* Juleps<eat name="L'Angolo della Pizza" alt="" address="Breisacherstr. 30, 81667" directions="From Munich East station(Ostbahnhof) it's around 10 min walking" phone="+49 89 4488979 " email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="Mon-Fri 11:30AM-2:00PM and 5:30PM-0:30AM, Sat-Sun and all public holidays 4PM-0:30AM" price="Pasta from 6,30&euro;, Meat & Fish dishes from 12&euro;, Pizza from 7&euro;">While this place looks rather unimpressive from the outside it is one of best places to eat Pizza. Downer is the poor service. Monday is Pizza day with most pizzas for 5,50&euro; while Wednesday is pasta day with all pasta dishes from 5,50-6,50&euro;.</eat>
* Haidhausener Augustiner<eat name="Tassilo da Sebastiano" alt="" address="Balanstr. 34, 81669" directions="S-Bahn or Trams 15, 25 to Rosenheimer Platz, walk down Balanstrasse. Or take Bus 152 to Auerfeldstrasse. Has also limited space of free parking." phone="+49 89 485134" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Mon-Fri, Sun 11:30AM-3:00PM and 6PM-12PM, Sat 6PM-12PM" price="Pasta from 7&euro;, Pizza from 6,30&euro;, Meat from 13,50&euro;">Don't be frightend by the creepy outside of this restaurant. Excellent food for reasonable prices, meat and fish dishes are really recommendable (while not cheap). Fine selection of good italian wines. It's run by an italian family and the staff is quite funny while sometimes a little bit scatterbrained.</eat>
* Voilá <eat name="Gast" alt="" address=" Rosenheimerstr 5, 81667" directions="S-Bahn: Rosenheimer Platz" phone="089 480 98 27 20" email="[email protected]" fax="089 480 98 27 21 " url="" hours="" price="">Part of the Gasteig complex. Pizza, pasta, noodles, rice and salads. The concept is "open kitchen", there are two kitchen areas in the middle of the restaurant where rice, noodle and pasta dishes are cooked to order and another area for pizza. Customers are given electronic charge cards on entry, all food and drink is charged to the card and payment is made when leaving.</eat>
There is a '''* <eat name="Nachtkantine''' where you can eat" alt="" address="Grafinger Str. 6, Munich, and stands selling kebabs 81671" directions="" phone="+49 (Döner 089) 49002153" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Apart from the odd kebab stand, this is the only restaurant in German) Kunstpark Ost. They serve American food, such as burgers, pizza and pasta at a good value for money. The restaurant is quite vibey, accentuated by the likeloud techno music played by various DJs.Great meeting spot.</eat>
* <see name="Jazzclub Unterfahrt" address="Einsteinstrasse 42" directions="Take the U-Bahn to Max-Weber-Platz walk east from the station" phone="+49 (089) 4482794" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Sun - Thu 7:30PM - 1AM, Fri/Sat 7:30PM - 3AM. Concerts begin at 11PM" price="">Jazz club that specializes in great jazz performances.</see>
* <see name="Molly Malones" address="Kellerstrasse 21" directions="Take S-Bahn or Trams 15, 25 to Rosenheimerstrasse. Walk along Steinstrasse and turn left into Kellerstrasse. Or take Tram 18 to Gasteig and follow Kellerstrasse." phone="+49 89 6887510" email="" fax="" url="" hours="Mon - Fri 5PM - 1AM, Sat-Sun 12-1AM">Irish Pub with nice Atmosphere and many expats among the guests. It's likely to be full in the evening. Every monday is a pub quiz starting at 9PM. Food is middle-rate, the chips are usually good. Has a big selection of Whiskeys and sport events are shown on TV.</see>
* <drink name="Muffathalle" alt="" address="Zellstrasse 4" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Popular nightspot with live music, theatre and dance performances. The on-site cafe serves food and drink during the day, transforming into a fun and friendly club venue in the evenings.</drink>
=== Discos (Kultfabrik/Optimolwerke) ===
This place is a 60,000 square-metre entertainment mecca. After Europe's largest disco complex - located in the terminal buildings of the former munich Munich airport - had to close in 1996, the city had to find a replacement for the crowds of partygoers. It was called '''Kunstpark Ost (KPO)''' because of its location in a former industrial complex near the eastern railway station. Rumors about closing this area too started soon and according to the bills of its clubs and bars it should have been closed at least four times a year. In in 2003 , it looked as if the days of the KPO are really countedwere closing, so some of the clubs moved to an area 200m in the west called [ , '''Optimolwerke''']. However , most clubs on in the original area (renamed to [ '''Kultfabrik''']) remained remain open . Kultfabrik and Optimolwerke (and two more discos on the west end of the whole area) are one big complex and most people do not distinguish whether they go to Kultfabrik, Optimolwerke, Kunstpark Ost or the "KPO" (pronounced like the English letters). To have so many discos and clubs on a relatively small area is brilliant and efficient as there is something for (nearly) every taste. And if you don't get into one, there is always a few weeks another club to try. The crowds don't arrive until midnight or later noone talked about closing it any , but if you come earlier, you are morelikely to get cheaper/free entry.  * <drink name="Americanos City" alt="" address="Hochbrückenstr. 3 80331 München" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Intimate space with a stylish decor, while the crowd can be quite young, the drinks pack a punch at a cheap price.</drink> * <drink name="Babylon 2" alt="" address="Georg-Elser-Hallen, Rosenheimerstr.143, Haidhausen" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">The biggest club in the Kultfabrik neighbourhood, with at least two separate rooms playing varying types of music such as German techno, house and soul. Drinks are quite cheap, while the entry fee is 9 euro.</drink>
So Kultfabrik and Optimolwerke (and two more discos on the west end of the whole area) really are one big complex and most people do not distinguish weather they go to Kultfabrik, Optimolwerke, Kunstpark Ost or the * <drink name="" alt="Bongo Bar"KPOaddress=" (pronounced like the English letters!)Grafinger Str. To have so many discos and clubs on a relatively small area is brilliant6 81671 München-Haidhausen"directions="Any S-Bahn, because there is something for (nearly) every taste. And if you don't get into oneU5, there is always another. But be warned that most of them may not be what you might expect from a big city like Munich. There are many visitors from outside munich who just took off their Tram 19 "Ostbahnhof"" phone=" 089- 49 00 12 60" email="" fax="" url="Lederhosn" two hours ago and got ="" price=""> This trendy bar lies in a pair the heart of jeans to spend Kunstpark Ost. Dressed in red velvet and serving delicious Thai cuisine - including cocktails - it's a great night in out. During the big town. And few of them are over 25 years old.It does not get really full before about midnight or laterweek, but if you come earlier you there are more likely cabaret acts and political/satirical singer-songwriters to get cheaperbe seen.</free entry. drink>
*'''AmericanosHarry Klein''' (Optimolwerke), []Cheap Cocktails.A small club that hosts world-renowned electro and minimal techno DJ's, also well known for the interesting visuals. Main acts usually only come on at 3AM, even on weekdays. The club is sometimes called Marry Klein in winter.Entry price ranges from 5-10 euros.
*'''BabylonK41''' , Friedenstraße 10, Phone: ''+49'' (0)89/ 6389-2929, email: [email protected] []. This is where one of the farmers around latest attractions in Kunstpark Ost for Munich spend their weekend's party people, who dance the night away to the sounds of mainstream house music. Italian pop music on Friday, techno on SaturdaysThere is a great range of cocktails that match the party atmosphere in this club.
*'''Bongo BarKeller''', Friedenstraße 10 [http://www. This trendy bar lies in the heart of Munich's funkeller-centre Kunstpark Ostclub. In the red velvet surroundings info/index.htm]. Smaller club playing indie, emo, rock and with delicious Thai cuisine - including cocktails - the guest can enjoy the evening in style. During the week there are cabaret acts alternative on Fridays, Britpop and political/satirical singer-songwriters to be seenGerman pop on saturday. Age group: 3018-something25.
*'''Drei TürmeRafael''' Friedenstraße 10. Grafingerstr. 6, Phone: ''+49'' (0)89/ 450 288 17550 523 80, Email: [email protected] com, [] Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM - A usually cramped Nice club, not dark and dirty like many other clubs in ''KPO''. No fun if Friendly staff serving you are agoraphobicgreat and reasonably prices cocktails all night long.
*'''K41Living 4''' Friedenstraße 10Grafingerstr. 6, Phone: ''+49'' (0)89/ 63894900-29291260, Emailemail: , [] . Plays popular R'n'B and hip hop to a stylish crowd.
*Milchbar'''Freudenhaus''' Kultfabrik, Grafingerstr. 6, Haidhausen. Contains three different dance halls playing Pop/Hip Hop, German music (depending on the weekday) and techno. Popular with a young crowd. On Fridays, girls get into "Freudenhaus" for free before twelve.
*'''Nachtkantine'''. Grafinger Straße 6, If you need a warm meal and don't like to have a kebap or calamari in one of the many food stalls in KPO, this is your place. During the week the kitchen is open until 4 am, on the weekend until 6 am.==Sleep==
*'''Rafael'''. Grafingerstr. 6, Phone: ''+49'' (0)89/ 550 523 80, Email: [email protected], [] - Nice Club, not dark and dirty like many other clubs in ''KPO''. Nice staff serving you great and resonably prices cocktails all night long.
*'''Salon Erna'''. Friedenstraße 10, Phone: ''<sleep name="Motel One Munich City-East" alt="" address="Orleansstraße 87 - 81667 Munich" directions="" phone="+49'' (0)/89/ 6389-290, Email: [email protected], [59 97 64 90 " url="" checkin="15:00" checkout="" price="Single from 69€, Double from 84€" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">For a two star hotel, this impresses with a modern and sleek interior, with simply decorated rooms. Downstairs at the "One Lounge", all your needs are met with a lobby, breakfast café and bar in one. Free wi fi access is available here as well. Tram station right in front of the hotel, one station to Munich East (Subway and S-Bahn hub).de</]sleep>
* <sleep name="Golden Leaf Hotel Altmünchen" alt="" address="Munich, Mariahilfplatz 4" directions="From Stuttgart highway (A8): To highway's end, exit on München West, direction Innenstadt (Center), Altstadtring direction München Ost, Rosenheimer Straße to Rosenheimer Platz, right in Franziskanerstrasse, right in Gebsattelstraße; after about 200 meters, on the right, you will see the Hotel Altmünchen" phone="89-458440 " email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Doubles from 75&euro; to 340&euro;">Central yet quiet location, just few minutes by bus from the Marienplatz, the heart of the city. Furnished in an Old-Bavarian style, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in each of its 32 rooms. All rooms have wi fi access and cable TV, and pets are allowed in this hotel.</sleep>
*'''Living 4''' Grafingerstr. 6, Phone: ''<sleep name="Holiday Inn Munich City Centre" alt="" address="Hochstrasse 3" directions="S-Bahn Rosenheimer Platz" phone="+49'' (0)-89/ 4900-1260, Email: [email protected]48030" url=", [http:com/h/d/hi/1/en/hotel/wwwmuchb" checkin="" checkout="" price="100&euro;" lat="" long="">Renovated in 2008 from top to bottom.living4 Small indoor pool (no gym), bar,] Directly connected to the S- which plays popular R'n'B Bahn via an Hip Hopunderground pedestrian mall. Short walk to Deutsches Museum, easy S-Bahn connections to Marienplatz and the airport.</sleep>
*'''Freudenhaus''' <sleep name="Hotel Prinz" alt="" address="Hochstraße 45 - 81541 Munich" directions="" phone="49 89 441408 0" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Double room from 128 euro">Close to the Deutsches Museum and to the Gasteig cultural center, the Hotel Prinz has an ideal location. All rooms are equipped with three different dance halls playing Pop/Hip Hopcable tv, German music (depending on he weekday) wi fi access and techno24 hour room service. There you mostly find teenagers. (On Fridays, girls get into "Freudenhaus" for free before twelve)Business travellers can continue to work at the two conferences rooms located onsite.</sleep>
* <sleep name="Novotel Munich City" alt=Sleep"" address="Hochstraße 3 - 81669 Munich" directions="" phone="89-638-0011" email="" fax="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="">Opened in 2004, this 4 star hotel features 307 air-conditioned rooms, a modern restaurant and bar with terrace, free spa area with gym, swimming pool, sauna and steam bath, underground parking and a separate conference centre with terrace and 5 modern meeting rooms. Two restaurants and a garden terrace (summer only). Buffet breakfast 19 euro per person.</sleep>
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