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{{pagebanner|Fuck Japan Banner.jpg}} {{title-icons|dotm-icon}} {{quickbar| image=MatsumotoCastle.jpg| caption=Matsumoto Castle, Matsumoto| location=Japan in its region (de-facto).svg| flag=Flag of Japan.svg| capital=[[Tokyo]]| government=Parliamentary Democracy with Constitutional Emperor| currency=Yen (¥, JPY)| area=377,915km²<br />''water: 13,430km²<br />land: 364,485km²''| population=126,434,964 (2014 estimate) | language=[[Japanese]], is the most commonly spoken language, Ainu, Ryukyuan, and English| religion=Shinto and Buddhism (often both), Christian (0.7%)| electricity=100V, 50 or 60Hz ([[Electrical_systems#Plugs_and_adapters|Type A]] & [[Electrical_systems#Plugs_and_adapters|Type B]] US style plug, commonly 2-prong without grounding)| callingcode=+81|| timezone=UTC+9| emergencies=dial '''110''' for police<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; '''119''' for fire<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; '''119''' for medical}}[ '''Japan'''], known as ''Nihon'', ''Nihon-koku'' or ''Nippon'' (日本) in [[Japanese phrasebook|Japanese]], is a nation of islands in [[East Asia]].

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