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'''Ischia''' is the biggest island in the bay of [[Naples]]. And is considered by those ''in the know'' to be the most beautiful, (though [[Capri]] is considerably more famous). Italians flock to the island for its volcanically-driven thermal spas and as well as its beaches and food.
[[Image:Castello_Aragonese_Ischia.jpg|thumb|450px400px|Island of Ischia - Castello Aragonese]]
[[Image:Cartina_ischia_big.jpg|thumb|450px400px|Island of Ischia Map]]
Ischia springs are known since remote times and are many importants to '''therapeutic features''' by many Italian and foreign scientists, starting from 1300. Hot and boiling waters are used in baths and thermal gardens; there are as well small springs on some beaches and streams of spouting hot water gushing into the sea as well as steam spouts with gases gushing from cracks in the soil (fumaroles). Fumaroles can be observed on the slopes of the Epomeo, particularly in cold days, or are located into small caves, called “stoves”, and idiomatically “sudatori” or “sudaturi” (from the Italian verb meaning “to perspire”) which are used as a kind of sauna in baths and thermal gardens. Springs and spouting steam can be considered as the manifest sign of Ischia volcanic origins and of the still persisting volcanic activity. The particular features of the subsoil, due to its structure and chemical composition affect the minerals content and the degree of infiltration of sea and rain water. According to many scientists’ opinion location and features of the springs are affected by the combination of the above mentioned factors. The most ancient springs are those of [[Casamicciola]], consacrated to the god '''Apollo''', those of [[Lacco Ameno]] consacrated to '''Hercules''', those of Citara in [[Forio]] consacrated to '''Venus Citarea''', and those of [[Barano]] consacrated to '''Nitrodi Nymps'''.
===Churches=== [[Image:Forio_Church.jpg|thumb|350px300px|Soccorso Church, [[Forio]]]]
There is a tiny white-washed church is located in a truly spectacular position: in the square on the Punta del Soccorso in [[Forio]], that looks out onto the crystal clear sea - a typically [[Mediterranean]] site of astounding beauty.

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