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Cities: resorted
*[[Adama]] (also known as Nazret or Nazareth) – a popular weekend destination near Addis
*[[Aksum]] (Axum) – home of ancient tombs and stelae fields, in the far north near [[Eritrea]]
*[[Awasa|Hawassa]] - a town in the rift valley lake of Hawassa
*[[Bahir Dar]] – the monasteries on the islands of Lake Tana and close to the beautiful Blue Nile Falls
*[[Dire Dawa]] – the second largest city; in the east
*[[Gondar]] – some of East Africa's only castles
*[[Harar]] – ancient walled city near Dire Dawa
*[[Lalibela]] – home to 11 astonishing rock-hewn churches
*[[Mekele]] – a town in the Tigrayan Highlands in the north
*[[Awasa|Hawassa]] - a town in the rift valley lake of Hawassa
==Other destinations==
* [[Simien National Park]]
* Gambella National Park
* [[Sodere]] - spa resort
* Wolo Highlands
* [[Yangudi National Park]]

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