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Georgia (country)

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For language fans, Georgian language and its dialects are an object of fascination. For everyone else, however, they could be a nightmare. Georgian is not in any way related to languages spoken outside of Georgia, and it's famous for its consonants. Not only are there quite a few, but many words start off with at least two. It is possible to string together as many as ''eight'' consonants, as in ''vprtskvni'' (ვფრცქვნი), meaning "I am peeling it". Keep in mind that some of the consonant clusters exist because certain sounds in Georgian can only be expressed in English via multiple letters. Original Georgian words are usually much shorter and less complicated than they appear.
Everyone who visits should attempt to learn at least a few Georgian words, as well as a few words in Russian, which is still useful among members of the older generation and ethnic minorities, such as Armenians, AzerisAzerbaijanis, Ossetians, etc. (This is due to the fact that Russian was compulsory during the Soviet period, whereas the local languages of each Soviet republic were not). Speaking Russian is useful and recommended in areas where ethnic minorities live, especially in the regions of Kvemo Kartli where 50% of the population is ethnic Azeri Azerbaijani and Samtskhe-Javakheti where 50% of the population is ethnic Armenian.
Younger Georgians, as well as the educated elite, largely prefer to study '''English''', which is in part motivated by their desire to move away from the Russian sphere of influence. Access to good quality English instruction in provinces is low, however recently many schools received native English speaking volunteers and English is rapidly becoming a second language nation-wide. When in need for help, look for younger people; they are more likely to know some English.
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