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Thank you for your prompt response, I appreciate the help.
1). The two pages I am trying to update are Wikitravel's Seattle page as well as Seattle/Sodo Georgetown. I was trying to add the Living Computers: Museum + Labs under the museum sections. 2). When I attempt to add the content, it says my information was flagged as harmful and therefore my content will not be posted. I'm not sure why it is saying this, since the small paragraph I was adding is just a quick blurb about the museum! I tried editing the museum page as well as adding the museum as a new listing. But, it appears neither of these tactics have worked. Would it help if I posted what I was planning on saying here (on this page)? Maybe there is something I am missing.
Hi, Alex. I've been inexplicably blocked on Wikitravel Shared. Would you be able to unblock me so I can maintain my contributions there? [[User:WT74rec38|WT74rec38]] ([[User talk:WT74rec38|talk]]) 19:17, 15 September 2020 (EDT)

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