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Harrison (Arkansas)

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Further empathsis on Harrison being increasingly racist. Likely homophobic too, but this will do
'''Harrison''' is in the [[Ozarks (Arkansas)|Ozarks]] region of [[Arkansas]], but it is also one of the most notoriously-racist city there is.
==Get in==
Harrison has one of our nation's disappearing treasures-- an active, living downtown square anchored by the county courthouse and surrounded by local businesses. Old men meet on the park benches to woodcarve and shoot the breeze; young people flock to My Best Friends Closet to look for hip secondhand clothing. You can have a fancy dinner at Bottini's, buy your medicine at the Alexander's drugstore (they live just above it!), and shop for anything from furniture to antiques to health food. However, it has a dark history of its residents being openly racist, targeting people of non-white color by verbally abusing and physically threatening and attacking them with almost no provocation. It is also home to the notorious far-right white supremacist groups, most notably the Ku Klux Klan.
The 1929 Lyric Movie Theater on the downtown square was purchased in 1999 and renovated into a performance venue by the Ozarks Arts Council. You can regularly catch classic movies, musical acts, musical theatre, and college activities and classes being held there. You can rent it for your own special events as well (phenomenally cheaply).
Branson, Missouri is located just a half hour to the north of Harrison. Whether you want to see a show, go outlet shopping, visit a theme park, or eat at a great restaurant, there are many options there.
Be extra mindful about Harrison's residents; they are extremely racist as they are violent, and expect police officers to offer little to no help if you happen to be a victim of racially-motivated crime.
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